Reminder that we have an imperialist white supremacy problem, and it infects every industry, every culture in the world, and until we address it head-on, we can't hope to rebuild all that cis straight white guys have actively sought to destroy.

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This is why F-Droid, for example, came into existence, and this is also why we now need an alternative to it.

White guys have kicked everyone out, then, when we rebuild elsewhere, they come in and kick us out of there too.

White culture is colonization, gentrification, and genocide of all that isn't white. Same goes for patriarchy, cisnormativity, heteronormativity, and neuronormativity.

Until they're forced back and forced to address this culture of theirs, we'll continue to be nomads.

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Some might like the nomadic lifestyle, but I want a place I can call home. I want a community that's gonna look out for me and protect me from danger in the same way I attempt to do the same for them.

So spare me the bullshit about civility or lacking moderation power or whatever. Go take it to the ones actively kicking us out of the places we call home.

Or join them.

It's your choice. But remember: You can't remain neutral to this. Neutrality in the face of violence only enables the violent.

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Neutrality = siding with the genocidal maniacs pushing us out of our homes.

Neutrality is choosing to shield the ones with the blood-stained swords from the retribution that they deserve at the hands of the ones they stabbed.

So if you wanna claim neutrality, then I'll gladly strike you aside to get to the homewreckers you're protecting.

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@KitsuneAlicia Yep! And we cis straight white guys have to get better at owning our bullshit and work on it.

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