9/11, serious 

This is the 18th anniversary of the day that vast swaths of the United States and Europe turned against a religion with a billion+ members - and anyone who *looks* like they *might* be a member of that religion, creating more than a billion ADDITIONAL victims of bigotry - because of the actions of 19 men who were members of a fringe cult of that religion.

Support your Muslim, Middle-Eastern, and/or Indian and Pakistani friends today.

9/11, serious 

And while you're never forgetting, never forget this, either: the vast majority of terror attacks in the US and Europe have been committed by white men.

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9/11, serious 

@noelle Agreed. Terrorism is a problem in this country, but it's not being perpetrated by Muslims. Terrorism in this country is overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly evangelical, and overwhelmingly men.


9/11, serious 

@noelle So if people truly believe in , then they will never forget the outright assault on the worldwide Muslim community that immediately followed the attack on that day.

If you care about the 3,000 innocent deaths from the planes crashing that day, you'll also care about the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of innocent Muslims who were killed & continue to be killed in retaliation by the USA & its national allies.

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