:drake_dislike: "Beware the quiet ones"
:drake_like: "Befriend the quiet ones"

By becoming our friends, you let us have that ear to listen when we experience problems -- problems whose solutions are often denied to us due to systemic issues designed to give more power to the louder & more masculine/white/cis/straight/neuronormative voices.

By offering that ear, you help us stem the flow that ultimately causes us to "blow up" due to the endless buildup of problems we're prevented from solving.

In other words, if you don't want us to "blow up", don't treat us like shit.

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@KitsuneAlicia Also in general it's never really "the quiet ones" who blow up.


@Estrusflask Oh, of course. But because people are used to us being quiet, our outbursts are more noticeable.

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