Not wanting to deal with the constant stream of shit, insecurity and hostility that comes from bigots is not a free speech issue, no matter how much they cry about it.

No one is obligated to listen your hate, intolerance and dickheadedness.

There are consequences to acting like a straight up asshole all the time. Stop crying and grow up.

One's sexist, homophobic, racist, islamaphobic, etc opinions do not constitute a credible ideology that is worthy of a serious social discussion and/or debate.

You're just an asshole, homie. You just don't like people that aren't like you and can't mind your fucking business.

It's not complicated, sport.

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And if alt-right, crunchy sock, bigot fedi believe they are so much better than us that are anti-hate, why the fuck do they get upset when we block them?

I'm actually appreciative when those fools block me because it saves me a few clicks.

I'm totally fine with angry white dudes building there own safe spaces so they can circle jerk each other. I'm cool with that.

Just do it over there and leave the grown ups to doing the work to make these places better.

It's weird how they just... can't.

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@Are0h They can't do it because the circle jerk doesn't work. They can't jerk each other off because they end up tearing each other apart when they try.

Ultimately, they need to see the ones they hate get upset. They need our tears to survive, and so denying them that pleasure is the best possible action.


@Are0h By blocking them, we quite literally lock them into their worst nightmare.

They don't wanna be alone. They need other ideologies, other people to hate on so that they don't have to face the nightmare that is their own ideology.

Because if we treated them the same way they treat us, they'd break in an instant. And they don't wanna have to admit how weak they really are.

@KitsuneAlicia Nailed it. They believe if they huff and puff and talk enough, we won't see how terrified they are of us for literally no reason save that we're just different.

In reality, their fear is obvious because they simply can't leave us alone. They just can't let us have our spaces.

They see us a threat to them simply because we don't immediately anoint them as the smart capable people they believe they are in their minds.

@KitsuneAlicia @Are0h As the actor John Boyega told a detractor, "You don't like yourself mate." They are terrified to face themselves and work on themselves, and have to keep turning these fears and aggressions outward toward the Other.

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