Ha, I don't know man.

I just think it's funny how upset white people get because I won't go back and forth with them on some non-sense.

White people get all ragey at minor slights that really doesn't affect them, but completely ignore or pretend to ignore incidents that actually harm people.

I laugh at it because it's just a performance. They really don't care, but they LOVE to perform OUTRAGE.

Ha, but only about the stuff that really doesn't matter.

Funny how that works.

There is fundamental disconnect between what troubles white folks on the fedi and those that aren't.

For example, I fine with people who don't want to listen to me. That's their prerogative.

But I find so many white folks become ENRAGED when I refuse to discuss their subjectivity and feelings on topics that affect POCs, largely because they are just looking for ways to make themselves feel better.

On the other side, we just want spaces free from harassment and abuse.

That's pretty much it

The only moments I see when white people get activated is when it comes to defending bigots and their 'right' to be hateful pieces of shit or when they *feel* their random, unleavened opinions about a topic they know nothing about is rejected.

When it comes to those topics, you see all kind action and mobilization of white folks, which mimics the general posture of White America.

But when it comes to stuff that really matters, like safety and community, the remain quiet.

It's funny to me because of the obviousness of the solution to harassment and abuse not only in the fedi, but online spaces in general.

Ha, just be less garbage and be a bit more mindful of another person's experiences.

But respecting another person from jump is so fundamentally at odds with whiteness, it seems like an IMPOSSIBLE task, when really, it's just because you want to continue to be an asshole.

I find that hilarious. It's not really but that's why I can't stop laughing.

There is no esoteric and metaphysical answer that we're missing that will help reduce abuse and harassment on the web.

Ha, we just don't do it because people like being assholes to each other and in the bigoted societies we exist in, that behavior is rewarded more often than now.

I think people who don't want to solve the issue want to make it seem like the solution is hard to understand and implement, b/c in reality it isn't.

It's all just performance to keep being shitty people.


@Are0h Yup. The solution is easy: Actively kick 'em the fuck out (or preferably, don't let 'em in in the first place). Doing so does not violate anyone's rights, so any excuses are purely out of indifference and just not giving a shit about the ones hurt by the inaction.

@KitsuneAlicia Yup. That's all it is.

Folks just don't want to do it. And bigots know this and exploit it time and time again.

@Are0h My favorite is the "But who decides who's bigoted and who's not? We need to means test this!" excuse.

Because they need to be absolutely sure the pain marginalized groups is expressing is genuine and we're not somehow faking it. 🤦‍♀️

@KitsuneAlicia @Are0h Downright psychopathic logic... Like, you always give people who show that they are hurting the benefit of the doubt. Always.

@KitsuneAlicia @Are0h "But what if someone is a bigot _accidentally?_"

That's like...a big fear of many white people as well. I know because when I was young, I felt it. I knew I hated inequality, racism, sexism, etc.--but I didn't understand them half as well as I thought I did, so some things that got called out as racism didn't _seem_ racist to me, and that made me nervous I'd be "falsely accused" or some nonsense.

@Lexi @Are0h The answer is simple: Apologize and work to correct the behavior. It's honestly not that hard.

Furthermore, don't expect a given person to explain why such behavior is bigoted, either. This stuff happens far too often, and so marginalized groups can't be educating people on the same topic 10 times a day. We'd have no time left for ourselves then, so doing your own research is important here.

@Lexi @KitsuneAlicia this fear white people have of being labeled a racist has always been peculiar to me.

In my own experiences, I've been called a sexist, homophobe, etc, but it doesn't really bother me b/c I know what I am will reveal it self over time and folks will see it eventually.

In that context it's interesting how white people are more worried about the label of racist moreso than the actual effects of racism itself.

Which has always lead me to believe it's just performative anyway

@Are0h @Lexi @KitsuneAlicia everyone knows that being a racist is a bad thing, and most people don't want to think of themselves or be thought of as a bad person. that's why they want to avoid being labeled one. even the people who believe in genocide usually think they're actually good people on the inside. they just want to distance themselves from being seen as a bad person while remaining and refusing to accept that they are a bad person.

@Are0h @Lexi Very true. But regardless of the reason, in the end, it's nothing more than an excuse that allows them to ignore having to improve themselves as life generally demands.

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