I love how Mastodon is 100% functional and contains zero trackers.

It's almost as if you don't need trackers to make a functioning site and any trackers on other sites are wholly unnecessary and should be fought against on every possible level...

Waking up to a count of 157 boosts & 187 faves. Thanks, Eugen. My notifications are thoroughly flooded. XD

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@KitsuneAlicia I think that's just Privacy Badger seeing the images subdomain host a small image from a remote domain and it thinking it's a tracking pixel or something similar

@KitsuneAlicia Most of my website has no trackers. The only ones it has are on one page -- the ones that are forced upon because I have a youtube video embedded on my homepage.

@clarjon1 Maybe try switching it out for an link instead? Might be able to get around the trackers that way.

@clarjon1 Assuming it's done via url, you should be able to just replace "" with "" and it should work.

If it's done via API, that's a different ballgame, unfortunately.

@KitsuneAlicia aaaaaaaaaa that's awesome. gonna edit the addon that creates the embed to use the url :D
ty ty ty for letting me know that's a thing i can do!

@clarjon1 Yeah, I'm sorry. I thought you knew already. is a drop-in replacement for literally any YouTube video.

@KitsuneAlicia i knew it was a drop in replacement for viewing videos but i didn't see anything obvious that pointed to me being able to use it for replacing iframe video embeds when i was poking about on the site

@clarjon1 ...I admit I was running on the assumption of a drop-in replacement for iframes as I've never had the opportunity to test it. Glad it worked, though. ^_^;

@KitsuneAlicia :D

I use a grav plugin to convert youtube urls to embeds automagically, and with a tweak to a single file it's now :D

@clarjon1 lol. Well, there's good news and bad news.

The bad news is that Privacy Badger caught 3 urls, including itself.

The good news is that none appear to be tracking me, so if any paranoia sets in, I can theoretically set them all to the blocked status without losing functionality since this only prevents scripts and loading the video itself should work fine.

Theoretically. I haven't actually tried it.

@KitsuneAlicia ah, those don't show up unless i configure privacy badger to show domains that don't appear to be tracking

@clarjon1 I'm using the default settings for it, so I can only assume you disabled it at some point? Either way, I enjoy the extra info like that, so I'm not gonna disable it anyway.

@KitsuneAlicia well, i actually installed it for the first time on this profile after you reminded me it existed with your post earlier showing it off.

@clarjon1 Oh. Then I guess it's a changed default in an update and my settings were grandfathered in.

Or maybe I did change it and just don't remember. I'm tired, so thinking is hard. -shrugs-

@clarjon1 That said, it's worth noting that such a list is of all third party domains. i.e. any domains outside the main site's.

As a result, they're theoretically safe regardless.

@KitsuneAlicia that's only true for cases where the instance isn't behind crap like Cloudflare though sadly

@kaniini CloudFlare is a pox on the internet and interconnectivity of people around the world on the same level as Amazon and Google.

@KitsuneAlicia imo they are worse because people don't realize they are irradiated until it's too late

@kaniini Idk. Having Google's spyware preinstalled & unremovable without special tools on every Android device is pretty far up there too.

@KitsuneAlicia I just gave you your 69th boost. That’s worth something.

@KitsuneAlicia beware not all instances are created equal, I read in the description of one that it had ggl analytics

@KitsuneAlicia When the goal is making money, you can justify almost anything.

@CitizenZero Sounds like we need to remove the profit motive from the equation... :blobcatknife:

@KitsuneAlicia there are legitimate uses for trackers though. My website uses the base version of Google analytics (with any of that interest analysis or other creepy stuff disabled) simply to track user engagement, figure out where people drop out and what I need to improve to get them to stay. Relying on people actively giving you feedback is sadly not enough.

@DerRicky Xubuntu 18.04, using the Default 4.4 window manager theme and Adiwata Dark appearance theme.

@DerRicky For games, too, if you can believe it. Steam has pushed Wine development so far, and so many games just work now, and many others just need a tweak or two to work.

@KitsuneAlicia That's the biggest point why gamers don't use linux i guess. You have to do something to make it work. Most people want to install things and play them instant.

@DerRicky Very true. That said, while I've had issues in the past year or so that I've been able to do it, just in that time, I've seen so many games enter that "Just Works" category. It's only gonna get better, too.

@DerRicky Perfectly understandable. But for the record, Steam Play/Proton makes it plug-and-play, automatically setting up the Wine environment for you when you run the game without any user intervention needed.

@KitsuneAlicia I didn't know about Privacy Badger, I just learned from your post - thanks! Looks great, I installed it on my Firefox and I'm going to use it. Now I just found out my own website has some CDN trackers 😒 . Going to host my own JS files from now on.

@cosminh EFF has some good addons. HTTPS Everywhere is probably their more popular one (which I recommend using if you don't already, as well) but Privacy Badger is also really good.

Note that I have had sites break due to certain scripts it disables, so if you find a site isn't working, you can try disabling for that site & refresh the page to see if it works again. If it does, you can turn it back on & mess with the detected trackers one by one until you figure out the cause.

@KitsuneAlicia hopefully Eunomia won't kick in and change that
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