@KitsuneAlicia My favorite implication there is that it's a workplace accident.

Deep bullshit 

Deep bullshit 

@KitsuneAlicia What's really funny is the utter cluelessness/projection of thinking that the "prince of peace" would have a favorite firearm. Missing the forest for the trees.

pol, self parody, acab 

@KitsuneAlicia . . . I'm somewhat ashamed that I had failed previously to realize the irony in a carpenter being sentenced to death by affixment to wooden structure.

@KitsuneAlicia @OchotonidKnight it's actually highly unlikely Jesus ever worked as a carpenter. The way the Jewish education system worked at the time, if he was really debating theology at 12 he would have become a rabbi, and, indeed, his followers called him "rabbi." The only reference to a carpenter refers to him as the son of a carpenter.

@KitsuneAlicia @OchotonidKnight u rite

I just like to lord over the Christians how much better I understand their religion than they do XD

rape mention 

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