Extremely disappointed in Omar Roth, the creator of Invidious.

Taking a neutral stance against hate speech is choosing a side. What a cop out.


I dig Invidious. I think it's a great solution for people that want to interact with YouTube and not get bombarded with non-sense.

However in this day and age, you have to make a stand against hate speech. You can't just hope it goes away or it deals with itself, b/cit won't. We see what happens when we give it space.

And let's be real. The only time the free speech argument is deployed is when it is in defense of hateful and violent bigots.

This is how hate spreads. When people do nothing.

Oh, god, that thread is a nightmare. This isn't suppression of speech and to frame punishing someone for their *actions* as censorship is utter bullshit.

Banning someone for spewing hatred isn't censorship. Free speech doesn't guarantee an audience. They can spew it all they want, but they can't do it in a public place where innocents and vulnerable people are subjected to it without their consent.


Another way to put it is the Paradox of Intolerance. Being tolerant of intolerance allows said intolerance to spread. So a tolerant society must be intolerant of intolerance or else that society will fall.

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