isn't about being proud of our sexuality or gender. It's about being proud of surviving & continuing to fight against the oppression we've faced our entire lives -- oppression we continue to face every day.

Meanwhile, is a deliberate attempt to change the narrative, to discount all our hard work, all our fighting and sacrifice, & reframe it into the "pride in our sexuality/gender" shit.

will never be for the ruling class. It will always be for the oppressed.

This blew up while I was sleeping. O.o

Umm, I don't have a Soundcloud or anything, so check out my stories, I guess? Link's in my profile.

Tbh, I'm kinda thankful Fedilab's notifications are broken atm. This would've been... overwhelming to wake up to.

Oh, and for the record, I stand by my wording here. "Straight Pride" *is* deliberate.

We've explained it thousands of times over that it's about survival in the face of oppression. The straights are *choosing* to ignore us and make it about sexuality/gender instead.

Willful ignorance is a choice and the straights have no excuse.

@KitsuneAlicia “straight pride” is such a “great job at missing the entire point” lol

@KitsuneAlicia I was feeling vaguely annoyed by #StraightPride and couldn't find the words to voice why, and was just like "well it's only fair I guess"

Thank you, I now know how to express what is wrong with the idea.

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