On this , I wanna give a shoutout to the trans people who aren't able to be visible, either due to financial constraints or unsafe situations.

This day shouldn't be a celebratory day. It should be about working to give us equal rights so that we're not held back from achieving our full potential. It should focus on the most vulnerable among us and what it takes to alleviate the problems they face.

If you see someone misgendering a trans person or otherwise making them feel uncomfortable, go punch their lights out.

Identity is self-determined, and anyone who forces their idea of what someone else should be onto others is a bully, plain and simple. And bullies should never be tolerated.

But trans people face so much harassment that we often need help standing up for ourselves, so today, remember -- and do -- what you should be doing every day: Helping a trans person in need.


And remember: We don't wanna be "seen". We just wanna live our lives like every other person out there.

So don't tell us *we're* visible to you. Show us that the unjust oppression we *face* is visible to you and do something to stop it.

And just to remind y'all one last time what you can do to support trans people...

joke, intentional misunderstanding 

joke, intentional misunderstanding 

joke, intentional misunderstanding 

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