Trans women are brilliant. Remember this every time you look at your phone. It's thanks to a trans woman that we have the low-power ARM processors in our phones. Without them, our phones would require batteries the size of the ones used in laptops.

Whenever someone compliments you on your phone, proudly say "A trans woman made it." Then point to theirs and say "A trans woman made that one too."

And as a trans woman, I say "You're welcome, cis. Now stop firing, evicting, & murdering us for it."

Also of note is how the Raspberry Pi uses ARM processors, so as you use your Raspberry Pi on 3/14, aka , aka today, remember that a trans person helped make that too.

@KitsuneAlicia another super cool thing about Wilson is that she is just as serious about good documentation as she is about good hardware and good code

> Wilson took ownership of the whole BBC Micro project. "I was one of the people who wrote all the documentation, communicating with other people, negotiating specifications." Wilson had learnt that the art of communication was a fundamental part of the technical skill mix.

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