Here's the thing, homie. Black/Brown folks have been told the world how to deal with racism, so that's not the problem.

The problem is that white people don't listen and do what makes them feel better rather than what is effective.

A great example of this is the current POTUS. He's a result of a large majority of white voters ignoring the lessons we told them.

We _told y'all_ 🍊 was a racist fuck up repeatedly.

But y'all don't listen.

The single most effective way to fight racism is for white people to challenge it at the source. Yes, that means in your neighborhoods, churches, events, etc.

White people constantly tell us how courages we all need to be and FIGHT TOGETHER, but that usually results in them hiding behind us when the cops come or not saying anything when a racist family member goes in on a friend, lover, etc.

White 'progressives' want us to BRAVE, but when the same is expected of them, they vanish.

@Are0h I'm white as all fuck, but I've lived through this nightmare too. Two police officers came after me one time and while I asked questions in order to try to determine what the problem was and what my rights actually were in that situation.

Meanwhile, a supposed friend stood by and did nothing. Afterwards, as I gathered more information, I found out that my rights were indeed violated, but the people who could've stopped them did nothing.


@Are0h As an aside, the cops gave me non-answers and constantly worked to escalate the situation in order to drive me into submission.

I also fully admit that the only reason I'm alive today is because I'm white as all fuck, though I'm pretty sure the fact that I'm trans played a role in how rough they actually ended up being.

@KitsuneAlicia I'm not going to downplay what you went through because it seems like it was an ordeal for you, but this is pretty mild from my perspective.

@Are0h Oh, yes, I'm sure it was mild by comparison. Like I said, the only reason I'm alive and relatively unharmed is because I'm white as fuck. My apologies for forgetting the latter half of that.

It's precisely because I know it's mild that I won't do what my friend did. It did hurt, and I know it can get worse, so I want to make sure it never comes to even what little I experienced.

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