@jacethechicken Well, that's a truth with some modification...

Hah! No it's not. It's very stereotype.

@RasmusLindegaard I feel like the staggering irony of this situation is lost on you, Rasmus


@jacethechicken I'm just gonna say that this "person" follows 4 people (the default follows for the admins/mods of .social) has 0 followers, and a grand total of 30 toots, of which only 2 aren't replies, and one of them even tags someone in what definitely looks like a "reply guy" thing, leaving only one that isn't actually a reply.

In other words, this is clearly a sockpuppet account meant for harassment.

@KitsuneAlicia oh for sure, I'm not taking them seriously -- I just thought this particular reply was funny.

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