FYI -- 2019 accidentally shipped prematurely and contains a LOT of bugs. these will be patched once the devs return from vacation.

here are just some known bugs:

🐞 all cheese currently tastes like the color red.

🐞 incorrectly loading textures has turned your favorite top into a stained Big Dog t-shirt.

🐞 baseball even more boring.

🐞 cap removed on horniness value, meaning you can get so incredibly hornt it crashes the local server.

🐞 dogs now capable of speech (maybe not a bug?).

@jackdaw_ruiz my dog is just screaming old spaghetti commericals. I think its a bug.


@Roxxie_Riot @jackdaw_ruiz And now I'm imagining that dog from the Bush's Baked Beans commercials...

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