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This is my main account.
@KitsuneAlicia is my backup.
There are others of me out there, but all are deactivated.

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Current story list of

Naruto Universe:
- Blade Dancer Katsumi:
-- The Rising Star Tournament (Finished)
-- Reflections of the Past (Coming Soon)

Once Upon A Time Universe:
- Myths and Mortals (Ongoing)

Original Universes:
- A Fox, a Dragon, and the Ultimate Treasure (Ongoing)
- What Makes a Monster? (Ongoing)
- The Shadow's Torment (Ongoing)
- Songs of the Apocalypse (Coming Soon)

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If you're here from the birbsite, I used to be @/KitsuneAlicia, @/AileshaFox, & @/yowlenna. But since they kept locking my account without telling me how I violated their rules or which tweets were responsible, I've logged off for good over there. This is the only social media site you can find me on now.

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Shrek over ActivityPub or SoAP for short. :shrek:

Tonight I cleanse the fediverse of its sins with SoAP :shrek:

Tonight, I say,


these motherfuckers opt you into "testing new features" by default which you can turn off here

Hey, that's not a hoard of gold, that's just a gold-colored bean bag! #pixelart #mastoart #dragons

sure sex is great but have you ever seen your trans friends taking big steps in their transitions that you've watched them struggle with and process for ages?

Remember: Y'all are great. Keep fighting on. Keep loving yourselves and each other. We all deserve it.

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Me: Toxic masculinity is bad

Gay/bi/trans/q+ men: Yes girl drag those cishets!

Me: gay and trans men can participate in toxic masculinity

Gay/bi/trans/q+ men:


Terfs: "Trans lesbians are just straight men trying to trick you into thinking they're girls by hiding the fact that they're trans"

Trans girls, wearing trans flag pins and hanging trans flags on their walls and painting their nails trans colors and wearing trans flag knee high socks: "Nice to meet you, I'm Trans!"

terfs: "trans women are just gay men who go through the whole of their transition just to avoid having to admit they're gay"

almost every trans woman i see on social media: "i'm gay. like, really really gay. i'm super super ultra gay"

Again a message from the bot owner:

I decided to delete this account.

It is impossible to reach Chelsea. I could only find a campaign contact for the 2018 US senate election.

There is an archive here:

and here:

I will delete this account around 3 PM EST.

"Are you a bad enough dude..."

Buddy, listen. I was so bad at being a dude I became a girl. I got this.

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