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And for our end here, we're gonna be cutting down on our follow list and followers.

If anyone we don't consider a friend follows us, we'll be issuing soft blocks. If you regularly interact with us and/or the other way around, you're likely fine.

But if you find within the coming days that you no longer follow us and believe it's an error, well, that's why we're doing soft blocks. Let us know and we'll be happy to sort it out with you. We're not perfect, after all.

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Updated Introductions 

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When referring to a country, we're referring to the actions the people, the masses within that country take, not the governmental system it has.

After all, a nation is only as good as the people within it, so if we don't focus the people in a conversation about a nation, it's just dehumanizing to everyone involved.

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Reposting this so we can pin it.

"I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are."

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For the people in the back:

If you can't accept living at the bottom of the hierarchy in the system you seek to create, you do not deserve to create it.

We did notice that the 1TB didn't wanna complete the short test within the required timeframe for some reason, hence why that one says the last test was aborted cuz we were impatient.

However, we know it can still complete the test, even if it takes longer. Before we manually did it, it said the last (automated) test completed successfully just like the other one.

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We love how it "normalized" all the values like that and ensured literally everything is at its worst values as a result.

I mean, we understand that age will make it more likely to fail, but like, nothing's happening.

Keep on keeping on, my wonderful HDDs. You're doing great. :blobheartcat:

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750GB HDD - No errors
1TB - A single read/checksum error

...Over the course of almost 12 years. Our hard drives are old, but they're working almost flawlessly.

Bail fund, Black Hills, Mount Rushmore USpol 

bots plotting things again 

just simply over here being masc of center and a trans woman because just like how you don't have to present androgynously if you're non-binary, you don't have to present femininely if you're a trans woman

@wolfpede ...

why doesn't any company in america do th-

they do, they just pull strings from the background by acting as shell companies for like 100 different brands you think are unrelated

fun fact didn't you know that pepsico owns taco bell?

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Pregnancy risk for people on testosterone? 

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bad news for android users 

re: bad news for android users 

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Saw this on BLM UK birdsite & thought it may be of interest. #BlackLivesMatter

Fundraiser by Melz Owusu : The Free Black University

🍒 Anonymous Question: Tips for eating out someone with a vagina? 

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Well I was hoping to be able to share my music today, because there's another #Bandcamp waiver in 2 and a half hours (and then for the preceding 24 hours)

So if anyone sees this lol Check out my music, it's #retrowave #synthwave #darksynth

And this is my backup account because my instance is down

self promo, bandcamp link, please boost 

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