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And so, as marginalized groups already know all to well, I'll explicitly state the implications of this thread:

The US government is not legitimate. And this thread outlines the replacement system which I and marginalized groups in general tend to abide by.

If that makes me a traitor to my country, so be it. But I'd rather be loyal to the life IN the country than the country itself. Nationalism, i.e. the promotion of country over one's life, can fuck right off.

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Current story list of

Naruto Universe:
- Blade Dancer Katsumi:
-- The Rising Star Tournament (Finished)
-- Reflections of the Past (Coming Soon)

Once Upon A Time Universe:
- Myths and Mortals (Ongoing)

Warframe Universe:
- Rell's Sister (Finished)

Original Universes:
- A Fox, a Dragon, and the Ultimate Treasure (Ongoing)
- What Makes a Monster? (Ongoing)
- The Shadow's Torment (Ongoing)
- Songs of the Apocalypse (Coming Soon)

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This is my main account.
@KitsuneAlicia is my backup.
There are others of me out there, but all are deactivated.

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If you're here from the birbsite, I used to be @/KitsuneAlicia, @/AileshaFox, & @/yowlenna. But since they kept locking my account without telling me how I violated their rules or which tweets were responsible, I've logged off for good over there. This is the only social media site you can find me on now.

My phone just suggested "Jem'hadar" after I typed "it's a "

You: It's hard to believe Notre Dame burned down just a few days ago. 😭

Me: Time to make extremely cursed content! I have a good sense of respect for mourners. 🙃

This is what happens when I get rewarded with faves and boosts. I hope you're happy.

Heh. I've only had her for about a day and a half and I already have the first forma installed on her. If that doesn't show how excited I am to have her as well as how much I love playing her, idk what will.

Necessity is the driver of innovation and diversity is the toolkit.

Lotus: "There is no telling what the enemy is doing to the hostage. We need to find them quickly."

Me: "Lemme just smash open and loot this crate first... And this one... And that one... And crack open that locker too!"


Outside of the very real violence white identified people enable everyday as a response to their ideas being proven to be fiction, do you know how BORING it is to have random racists, homophobes, transphobes, sexists, etc lob the same boring, tired, thoroughly disproven falsehoods around in the this day and age?

I've gotten to the point where I just refuse to humor any bigots at all.

Not because I hate them. I don't hate anyone.

There is just nothing of value in what they do. At all.

Enbies are like loot crates for genitals but you’re never disappointed

free seeds again! (boosts appreciated)

uk (and europe i guess) friends: here are seeds i have that i don't want! i will pay postage for them

verbena "intensity" x 2
beetroot "boltardy" x 1
beetroot "detroit 2" x1
swede "marian" x 3
pea (climbing) "alderman" x 1
poppy "pandora" x 3
cosmos "polidor mixed" x 3

i'll update what's gone in the replies. message me for any info from the packets or if you want anything!

#gardening #plants

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