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My Political Position 

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And be sure to follow @KitsuneAlicia to stay updated on The Shadow's trilogy and all my stories (though the rest are pretty much on indefinite hiatus given I'm focusung on this atm).

These posts over the past week were just an interim thing to draw attention to the new account. From now on, everything is going over there.

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This is my main account.

Over on @KitsuneAlicia, I post release updates for my stories and my software.

These are the only two accounts I'm active on.

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Considering the situation, I figure a new post is in order.

Hello, I am Alicia. I'm a fairy who used to be dominantly kitsune and still have a little fox in me. I have a headmate named Laura, but she's still coming out of her shell and probably won't speak much, so I'll be fronting 99% of the time. She's a succubus by nature and very protective of those she cares for. She'll fuck you up if you try to mess with us.


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And so, as marginalized groups already know all to well, I'll explicitly state the implications of this thread:

The US government is not legitimate. And this thread outlines the replacement system which I and marginalized groups in general tend to abide by.

If that makes me a traitor to my country, so be it. But I'd rather be loyal to the life IN the country than the country itself. Nationalism, i.e. the promotion of country over one's life, can fuck right off.

Quick reminder: manage your social energy!

Not wanting to talk to someone because you're just not feeling up to it is perfectly okay, it doesn't make you a bad person, and it doesn't mean you like the other person any less.

Communicate, of course, but don't feel obligated to put yourself in social situations, even with people you love. Take care of yourself!

regarding people who surround themselves with known abusers 

regarding people who surround themselves with known abusers 

regarding people who surround themselves with known abusers 

Wheel of Fortune Host: "The category is Before & After."

Me: "I'd like to make a cursed post -- err, I mean, solve the puzzle. Weird Al Yankovic Mulaney."

*Dr Phil voice as the Borg* what we have here is a failure to assimilate

Me, watching isotopes break down: Start the atomic countdown! Z minus ten seconds!

Praxis is picking up and "losing" open house signs around your gentrifying neighborhood.

some of the politicians with blackface photos released were clearly more committed to evenly applying their blackface makeup than they've ever been with anything like political issues

You can't because I know you instantly thought of the theme song when you read the word "Beyblade" and you and I both know that "Let it rip" is the most obvious fart joke in existence.

People who continue to shitpost even when your posts get absolutely no traction: You are the true working class, and as thankless as your efforts are today, one day society will look back on the time you posted "fart w/ no context just fart that is all thank you" and call you a hero.

Me: Guillotine jokes are harmful since they imply that we don't have the resources and basic respect towards life to be better than the bourgeois that are responsible for our suffering.

Also me: That guillotine joke sounds lewd for some reason.

tired: iron is harmful to fae because of unspecified magic intrinsic properties
wired: iron is harmful to fae because of its chemical properties
inspired: iron is harmful to fae specifically because it is physically the stuff of the human Industrial Revolution, a social restructuring event with broadly devastating effects on human adherence to the core values of the fae. for this reason, iron is suffused with a palpable curse that arises from its position as a symbol of human callousness.

Can eugen make mastodon for grandmas

I want her to stop using Facebook. Of she ends up as a furry, that's her business

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