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@KevinCarson1 @ThisIsLeeloo Remember when computer ued to talk about not joining Facebook?

Replacing Myspace with Facebook is in retrospect the worst decision I ever made for my data.

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i’m going to bring it up again to get the point across

a while ago someone asked me to define nazi ideology

nazis mistakenly believe cruelty is power

i dont need to read hitlers shitty book to know that

and anyone demanding i give nazis any more respect or attention than that, and who tries to insult me for not respecting people who want to kill me, is no better than they are
ive been spending more time on the fediverse lately because i deactivated facebook

i had been convincing myself that fb was an important tool for networking

ive been using it since 2006

but i have grown increasingly disappointed with their rules enforcement that, according to leaked official documents as well as personal experience, panders to white supremacy

official documents revealed that, to reiterate

the last straw was seeing IRL friends getting into stupid fights with each other

:sparkles_pink: :heart: boost to be protected and blessed by lesbian swamp goddesses :heart: :sparkles_pink:

My headphones are in the basement but lap situation is critical

A dog just boarded the bus. The driver couldn't get the dog to leave the bus.

Free ride dog is my hero.

one more thing:

the next time you feel weak and powerless but you have time and internet on your hands

steal a book

go to and type in the words for a skill you wish you had to survive

download that shit into your brain as best you can

start there

(sincere advice request)
anyone know how to make irl friends when you can't work or go to school? I really need some more friends.

An important inspirational message I look to in hard times.

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