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The menorah is out. I go to close the curtains—on the other side of the glass, a fluffy shape goes, "Mrrr?" The neighbour's cat has climbed up the windowsills like a mountain goat to ask me to let him in.

New users?!?!?! Hi, I'm Guerrilla Rain. I'm like Sailor Moon, but ratchet. I have been in the fediverse for almost two years, so I'm like a veteran veteran.

My advice is to: (1) be nice, (2) ask for help, (3) content warning and caption your stuff, (4) don't be afraid to get weird.


If you are a content creator, social networks are a con.

Do not post to somewhere you do not own.
RT Tumblr will start hemorrhaging users as soon as this is implemented. Artists will lose income, and may well lead to a fandom mass exodus to other platforms.


If you appreciate Escher Girls' critical (and fun) feminist analysis of how women are presented in comics, please support its creator @ami_angelwings with the cost and effort of transferring it to a new platform before the Tumblr nipple police decide it's NSFW.

fuck what recipes say, measure garlic with your heart

We live and breath the values of free software and free culture every day, while they are basically absent from the collective imagination. A lot of people don't ignore them out of malice, but cannot imagine a world in which they would be important. I believe that only by painting a vision of a world where they do matter, accessible to non-programmers and non-technical people we can convince them that those are important values - and policies - to push for.

Not every baker and schoolteacher needs to understand HTTP or assembly language, but they all should understand why net neutrality is important.

For over two years I've been working on #GliderInk , a graphic novel which aims to introduce people to hacker values and create an aesthetic different from Hollywood's "black hat" stereotype or a grim cyberpunk future.

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Anyone who is calling Halloween "Goth Christmas" obviously isn't celebrating Christmas properly.

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“i dont like jordan peterson or anything i’m just going to immediately dismiss all of your criticisms of his ideology without offering any real counterpoints and defending him to the death”

🧚‍♀️ *dances around the room in a sparkly dress, tapping people on the head with a star tipped wand until they're dazzling with fairy dust and enlightenment, and sings* 🧚‍♀️

✨ 🎶
No one deserves civility
As a response to bigotry,
Not you, nor you, nor you, you too!


..."That's probably for the best. You've done nothing but complain since you got here."

This guy decides to join a monastery. He's told he'll have to take a vow of silence, but every fifteen years he's allowed to speak. So he takes his vows and stays silent. At the end of fifteen years, he tells the abbot "This gruel needs more salt." He goes silent for another fifteen years, and tells the abbot "The sheets are pretty thin." Another fifteen years go by, and he tells the abbot "I've decided to leave the order. I don't think I'm cut out for this." The abbot says...

Kicking off Radical Networks conference in Berlin -- you can watch the live stream here:

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