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New poem up on my Patreon. "The Ache Of London"

"we hurt too, the queers and workers,
the miners, the junkies all
of their hearts like shining torches in the dusk"

This month's theme is Urban Musings, support me for $1 or more for access, I post at least 3 exclusive pieces each month.

#patreon #poetry #mastoart #CecilieK

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gargron, fossbros in general Show more

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I'm convinced is a tongue-in-cheek scam to get money out of buttmad nerds and I really hope it works


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Portland ICE office shuttered Show more

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From Twitter:

"How to sabotage ICE:
- Film them whenever possible
- Pour sugar on new cement to prevent it from setting
- Pour bleach in ICE vehicle gas tanks
- Knife those fucking ICE tires
- Put a potatoe way up in that exhaust pipe
- If you smash glass do it last"

For the record ICE vans tend to be white and have the DHS emblem on them somewhere, they don't necessarily say "ICE"

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Hi #SocialCoop, I'm a PhD student in computer science (doing programming languages research) and some kind of libertarian socialist. I've been living in #Paris for almost a year, but I'm moving back to #Boston soon. I'm new to participating in cooperatives, but have some background in labor activism and organizing.

some assorted interests:
#tabletop #gaming


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tech coops, community Show more

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Guerrilla Gardening - Seed Bombs: A Guide To Their Various Forms and Functions

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america Show more

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ICE Show more

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acting against fascists Show more

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Guys I’m literally starving. Please help. my paypal:

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This is the last thing I'm going to say on that place:

Black people, women, trans people, and disabled people should not have to hide ourselves to avoid harassment.

If you don't want us blocking and avoiding your nazi-land en masse, if you don't want your software to be associated with nazis, come up with ways to stop the nazis from harassing us rather than crying TO US about your precious software.

Give us some confidence in your software's ability to not be abused by nazis. Duh.