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you sit down at the table, and they bring a basket of baked potatoes, but they're actually small bunnies who scatter onto the table and eat your side salad

"'To see that supporters of Wet’suwet’en sovereignty are facing up to 20 years in prison tells me that the state is very fearful of Indigenous resistance and those who support Indigenous resistance'"

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Testing out jobs and professions without punishment should be the norm.

Just added a new draft chapter on corporate liberalism to The State manuscript

Forget the future of work—the future of LIFE should be working on interesting projects in interesting places with interesting people.

"Binding arbitration waivers" started out as a way for giant companies going into business with one another to avoid costly litigation by agreeing in advance to have a private arbitrator hear their disputes.

But Federalist Society judges, led by Antonin Scalia, spent a decade dismantling protections that ensured that binding arbitration was only used between equals, and not forced upon workers and consumers.


When you think about tax-havens, you probably think about Caribbean "treasure islands," the ex-colonies whose erstwhile conquerors set them up as dependent financial secrecy jurisdictions whose economies were doomed to be stunted forever.

But in truth, the most harmful tax-havens are "onshore-offshore," notorious jurisdictions like Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming, or, in the EU, Malta, Luxembourg, Cyprus and the Netherlands.


Today's threads (a thread).

Inside: NYC's driver-owned Uber alternative; Amazon running scared from arbitration at scale; How the Dutch helped CBS cheat on its taxes; and more!

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saw this large man sleeping outside the art store yesterday, didn't even move when I pet him

crass, acab 

licking cop boots in the ~third world~ is not better than licking cop boots in the US is not better than calling your bootlicking anti-imperialism

you're still licking -- nay, fellating -- cop boot

NYCers have a new ridehailing alternative to Uber: The Drivers Cooperative is a driver-owned, app-based ride-hailing service that pays drivers more, charges riders less, and pays out any profits to driver-owners as periodic dividends.

Platform cooperativism is a powerful antidote to app-based gig work: a way to provide customers with the convenience that made app-based services so popular while putting workers in control of their days, schedules and conditions.


Greenspace Hack looks like a nice project. Crowdsourced documentation of greenspaces, as a source of grassroots input into urban planning decisions.

”We will know how to accomodate ourselves for a time. For, you must not forget, that we can also build these palaces and cities, here in Spain and in America and everywhere. We, the workers. We can build others to take their place. And better ones. We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth. There is not the slightest doubt about that.The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before it leaves the stage of history. We carry a new world here, in our hearts"

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