I tried to do some mixt styling between Arc and Adwaita, and I must say that I really like the result. It's an Arc base (flat+paddings), but with visible buttons on headerbar, the Adwaita title buttons, and the adwaita palette.

It show how could look a flat and bolder-colored adwaita, and I think that it could work kinda well xD

I'll put in on github when I'll clean a bit the code (and do better commits)

Last but not the least. Yellow doesn't work really well with white text though.

But basically, I really feel that using the dark color works well for most (I didn't use it for dark because it would have been #000000), as it make it kinda like how the light headerbar is grey.

Now let's try to finish the code, and first make it looks great when not focused :blobcat:

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Testing some variation possible about how it would be possible to have colored headerbar in Adwaita like in Elementary for apps. I'm hesitating between variation 4 and 5 from the palette.

For the moment it's just some ugly SCSS, but i'll try to make it cleaner for app devs to be able to use it for their apps :)

Inspired by Jimmac's mockup for Weather: gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Design/

Flight of Pigasus, un petit shmup Master System sympa

Le monde des homebrew est un monde que j'apprécie beaucoup, notamment avec sa pelletée de petit jeu sympa, offrant une expérience cool en plus du défi technique de développer pour une console ancienne. Et Flight of Pigasus est un de ces petits jeux sympathiques, qui méritent qu'on s'attardent dessus pour le fun qu'ils vont nous…[...]


Une tête très intelligente de Décibel :D

Je me demande ce qu'elle peut bien vouloir… serait-ce du pain ? Nooon, pas elle, c'est une petite biquette parfaitement désintéressée :p


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