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White dragon is coming along. This is a Viking style shield and still not complete!

does anyone here know any sewing youtube channels by trans/nonbinary/gnc people? i love watching sewing tutorials so i want to find some new creators to follow (who aren't only cis girls)

Wow. This toot took off, eh?

I'd say follow my podcast but it's sports and I'm not a fan of the sound of my own voice anyway so don't do that. Just thank you for sharing this badass gif!

Good morning. Hope everyone slept well and that you have a good day today!

god help you if you need an answer to a rare problem that is worded similarly to a common problem

‪Blue dragon is complete! I have started working on the white one. This is for a Viking style shield and it will have an edging and a boss in the middle.

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Question for people who live or work in the USA (specifically southern california, if that matters): Show more

A soupçon of dry humor, by Tom Toro, for the New Yorker..

Okay, I have to say, Breath of the Wild is one of the most enjoyable games I have played in a long time.

I just spent 2 hours wandering around a town looking for lost cuccos and I didn't get bored or feel irritated about it.

It's so nice and relaxing to just play.

Lost my job, still no new one, inventory clearance 14 Feb: Dragonscale bracelet, 7", green over blue, $40 postpaid within the US to #maille #jewelry #chainmail #dragons

Happy Candy Day.

Random love/friendship advice: Find that one person in your life who's willing to look at that thing on your back that's bothering you and deal with it, if necessary. That's someone to treasure.

Have a good day all, no matter whether you are in, out, or don't want, a relationship.

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