@eightbitsamurai I'm getting just a touch bored of these attempts to tap into nostalgia ....
(I say as I also am rooting for the Godzilla movie.)

But this is just getting bizarre now.

Like the Pikachu detective movie, weirdly, I have to admit, looks fun. Least that does not have the nostalgia for me there.

But Sonic? And the plot is apparently, escape the federal agents, or something to that effect, by out running them.

I just.. I don't know anymore..

@eightbitsamurai I now regret checking to see if this was real, because now I know this thing exists.

And I do not want it to exist.

@eightbitsamurai Is this..? No, surely not.. They wouldn't...


Me, after first movie: Why isn't there more Godzilla in my Godzilla movie!? LET THEM FIGHT!
Studio (somewhere, probably): Fine! Fine! You want to see Godzilla fight? Here, here are ALL THE MONSTERS! Happy now?!
Me, upon seeing new trailer: .... Go go Godzilla!


Of course, as I’d like to avoid debt - if anyone would like to help out and get a wee bit of arty goodness (prices USD); I do illustrations, pet/people portraits:

Lil watercolour illustrations $25-100
Digital portraits (like the dog, tho that’s a bit unfinished) $125-200
Oil portraits $200-600 (on paper, would be shipped to you rolled up)

The canvas paintings in the photo are for sale too; large canvas pieces will cost a bit more tho, and shipping would be a lot on top of that.

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hey #art #mastoart #creativetoots who are your fav artists on mastodon?? i need to follow more people!

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@FRENDEN yeah they look like the blacksmith got all the sides pretty even, so you shouldn’t notice. Good find, btw!

@grainloom @unixtippse And then imagine if you, as a person, become the objective of their obsession.

how intense should your contrast be and how sharp should the highlights be? it depends on your materials.
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#introductions Hey! I'm Alicia, I'm 19, I'm new to tabletop gaming. I want to get into DND but I live in the middle of nowhere so I don't have people to play with. Making characters is still fun, but I have no idea how to make a good character. I play munchkin a lot when I'm over at my boyfriend's house. Idk what else to say about myself. I'm looking for friends so dm me if you wanna talk!!

@Melodymayhem Hi!!! There are groups online you can join! I'm sure there are some and groups here that are looking for new members.

If you need character creation help, I'd be happy to assist and I'm sure others will too.

@LWFlouisa Oh that should be fun!

I considered self publishing, but self promotion is one of those parts of it I’m very weak at. I would like that done on the professional end so I don’t have to.

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