‪My new Viking style fantasy shield is coming along! Have some detail work left on the blue dragon. Then, I will mirror it for the white dragon on the other side.

Working on anew shield. Going with high detail this time, so it’s going to be far more involved.

Finally!!!! We reached the dragon turtle (i made it in Blender, printed, and painted).

And nearly died.

Several times.

Paladin went down 3 times. The third time he went down, I went down (mage) and the rogue went down too. The only player left, another mage.

He cast greater invis on himself, then came in and started casting invis on everyone.

Dragon turtle was distracted with another spell.

And then, we ran away. And all lived.

Been working on a new fantasy book. So I got myself a mapping program and I have a long ways to go before I’m happy with it. But hey, I got cities and things! Which have no names yet.

Why does my bunny like to sleep in his litter box? All I can figure is because it cradles him perfectly. But sigh, I wish he wouldn’t do that. Lol.

Dog sees a squirrel and is trying to sneak out. She’s just standing there with her foot and tail inside the house.

Darn it! The group didn’t get to the dragon turtle yet. But they did get to the shark! Nom nom nom.

My character is the drow with the mask in purple. Yes, they finally figured out a drow was hiding in their group.

Sooo. I went camping at Texas Renaissance Festival. It was fun. I also got something I have been saving up for a long time, a breastplate, based on a historic globose.

The blacksmith of Azure Armory at ren fest made it for me and I’m super happy. Wanted this for years but it had to be custom. No way anything else would have fit correctly.

CW for eye contact on picture.

Guess what I finished!!!

Dragon turtle, created in Blender, 3-D printed, and then painted by me! So happy with the result.

And yes, with the base, it is balanced on one foot.

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