Check it! Found a white bluebonnet Hiding among the blue! Not a lot of blooms on it, but it is there!

Guess what I finished!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Shield is made of wooden planks, with cloth stretched over the top and painted. Rawhide is used as edging. Handle is made of purple heart. Strap is made by me too. Only thing I didn’t make is the boss and the metal buckle pieces.

This took way too long, but so worth it!

‪Omg!!! I am finally done painting the dragons on my new shield. All that is left is the handle, boss, and edging!

TW: Food

I made buttermilk biscuits.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of them cooked, as they all vanished without a trace the moment they came out of the oven.

Here is a picture of them in a cast iron skillet right before they went in!

Little dog is visiting me. I gave her a bath. then, she went outside and... well... 🤦‍♀️

‪I’m getting close to being done with the shield! Just have more shading work and details left on the white dragon. Then, edging, boss, and handle.

I went to the Austin Renaissance Festival, Sherwood! Dressed up as an elf, with my armor, small sword, and buckler. Had a lot of fun!

White dragon is coming along. This is a Viking style shield and still not complete!

‪Blue dragon is complete! I have started working on the white one. This is for a Viking style shield and it will have an edging and a boss in the middle.

‪My new Viking style fantasy shield is coming along! Have some detail work left on the blue dragon. Then, I will mirror it for the white dragon on the other side.

Working on anew shield. Going with high detail this time, so it’s going to be far more involved.

Finally!!!! We reached the dragon turtle (i made it in Blender, printed, and painted).

And nearly died.

Several times.

Paladin went down 3 times. The third time he went down, I went down (mage) and the rogue went down too. The only player left, another mage.

He cast greater invis on himself, then came in and started casting invis on everyone.

Dragon turtle was distracted with another spell.

And then, we ran away. And all lived.

Been working on a new fantasy book. So I got myself a mapping program and I have a long ways to go before I’m happy with it. But hey, I got cities and things! Which have no names yet.

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