Welp... Dog has been trying to make 'friends' with this opossum. This morning, she managed to tree it.

(I swear, one of these days, I'm going to discover she's actually made friends with it.)

Working in blender again. It’s a red dragon. I am planning this thing so all parts are disconnected so I can swap in and out for the various colors/ages with ease. Then, I can print out whatever type of dragon I need.

‪Look what I found today! A pink bluebonnet!!! These are very rare and an old folk tale exists that says these grew down stream of the Alamo after the battle and is a symbol of those who died for Texas. Of course, I live up in Austin, but it was something to come across while walking.

This is the only hand washing song I shall accept from here on out! Wash those hands for at least 6 months! Doom do-do-doom!!

Finally got the spear sheath stitched together and on. It’s a perfect fit, nice and tight. I’m very happy with this. Eventually, I’ll put the raven design onto the spear head itself.

‪My new sheath for a spear is going along well! Tooling of the ravens went smoothly and I have one side dyed. Just need to finish the other side and then I have to stitch them together!‬

My spear sheath is coming along! Left side is where I am currently working and it’s still wet. Right side is what I cut in.

Welp! I’m working on a new leather project for a spear sheath. Ravens! No, I’m not going to try to spell their names, but yes, it’s those ravens.

Whew! Been a crazy few weeks. Christmas with family, then went camping. I, who have never seen a living armadillo in my life, saw several while out in the camp grounds. Here's one that decided to come into the camp and snuffle around.

Went to Texas renaissance festival this year as a Norse (Viking), from about 900 AD, in a dress called a hangerok. Planning to make a shield to go with this next year!

Look where I was over the weekend! Texas Resistance Festival! had a great time there too. Ate lots of food and saw lots of great costumes walking around.

Here's me in my elf costume, with armor. Image hidden for eye contact.

Feral Cat update: look at this. Look at this!! This cat is chilling and Dog is standing next to her. And sure, it’s cute, but there is a problem; this is a few doors from my house and Feral Cat has been trying to figure out where Dog lives. Feral Cat belongs one block over. And if she figures out where Dog lives, Dog will let Cat in through the doggy door and Cat will eat the bunny and the birdies.

Who wants to see a picture of the feral cat?!? This is the cat that has made friends with my dog and only loves this dog, despite other people trying to make friends with her. Media marked for kitty eye contact.

I finished the Bulettes, aka, Land Sharks! Made these in Blender, then 3D printed them, then painted. Took way too long to do, but now they are ready to nom nom the players (including myself) in D&D. Very happy with how they turned out. They may be a little large for large, but I like my minis to really take up their base.

I’m working on something new!! These were made in Blender and then printed out. Still a ways to go on the painting!

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