Dog sees a squirrel and is trying to sneak out. She’s just standing there with her foot and tail inside the house.

Darn it! The group didn’t get to the dragon turtle yet. But they did get to the shark! Nom nom nom.

My character is the drow with the mask in purple. Yes, they finally figured out a drow was hiding in their group.

Sooo. I went camping at Texas Renaissance Festival. It was fun. I also got something I have been saving up for a long time, a breastplate, based on a historic globose.

The blacksmith of Azure Armory at ren fest made it for me and I’m super happy. Wanted this for years but it had to be custom. No way anything else would have fit correctly.

CW for eye contact on picture.

Guess what I finished!!!

Dragon turtle, created in Blender, 3-D printed, and then painted by me! So happy with the result.

And yes, with the base, it is balanced on one foot.

Pieces!!! Took me forever to figure out what was wrong with the head. Printer itself is having issues. I switched sides and it came out like it was supposed to.

But now, the sanding and glueing begins.

Welp! Head of the dragon turtle failed again, in a different spot. So it wasn’t what I thought it was.

If you look halfway up the snout, above the eyes, you will see where it broke apart and even burned the plastic a bit.

Going to try a totally different slice and see if that works. Won’t be done until tomorrow! 8 hours per print.

Head print failed!!! It’s a 9 hour print too. Boooooo!!!

I think I figured out the problem was because of the way it was placed on the platform. The nozzle was jumping between head, teeth, and whisker as it printed and it caused the delimitation.

Easy fix. I just turned the print and am trying again. Won’t know if it works until tonight.

Guess what I finished! Next step is printing, which could take days, depending on how the prints go.

‪Oh, hi winter. Skipping fall again this year are we? But I shouldn’t worry, because it will be summer again in a week.

I would like to present this rabbit to everyone having a terrible day for any reason. Eating hay and making a mess. He is a good bunny.

‪Went out for Chinese. Got this in the fortune cookie. ‬

‪‘Dogs have owners, cats have staff.’‬

‪About right. ‬

Whew, this dragon turtle is going slow! Took me awhile to decide how to do the feet and the claws. So far, I’m happy. I still have to learn to do bones and posing, but I’ll jump that hurtle when I get there!

‪Steward got a new pen setup! His hutch is elevated now. I have a place to store food and litter. And he has lots of room to run around.‬

‪He has, however, figured out where the ‘door’ to the pen is and has been working on opening it. So far, it’s holding.

Dog also likes the hutch in this room because she can play with him more now (though the fence).

None of my D&D party is on here, so you get to check out what I’m working on in Blender. It’s a dragon turtle. This thing will be big when I’m done. It’s on a 4 x 4 platform, and I bet it comes up as 6 inches long!

So many D&D minis left to paint! Game is tomorrow night! Ahhhh! (Also Dog is on the couch in the background).

‪Black Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar in my garden. Also known as a parsley worm, because they eat parsley. I’m going to leave it. Just one and it won’t be a caterpillar for much longer.

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