I finished the Bulettes, aka, Land Sharks! Made these in Blender, then 3D printed them, then painted. Took way too long to do, but now they are ready to nom nom the players (including myself) in D&D. Very happy with how they turned out. They may be a little large for large, but I like my minis to really take up their base.

I’m working on something new!! These were made in Blender and then printed out. Still a ways to go on the painting!

‪I’m working on something new in Blender for ! Wonderful classic monster, though it’s changed a lot over the editions, it’s the Bulette! Party already encountered one and it nearly nomed nomed us. DM now wants 3 of these things. Figured I could manage 3 different poses. Here is one.

I think, I may have finished my map for my current . Adult fantasy, set in about 1350, but going to play with some trope subversion with this one. Protagonist will be in her late 40's!

Just had a nasty storm come through Austin. Check out this sunset as the storm leaves!

OMG! I can't believe this is real! I was looking for ideas for armor for a race of harpy bird people I'm making for a fantasy novel and came across this.

It's actual armor for a bird. I love it. It's a little too late period for what I'm doing, but it does give me lots of ideas.

My common fig tree got big this year! Hopefully I’ll get in some figs this year! Plant is only 3 years old. Common figs only come from cuttings!

Map is coming along! Still have a bunch of cities and rivers and other details to name.

Not all of it will be used! But I hope to at least get around a bunch.

Check it! Found a white bluebonnet Hiding among the blue! Not a lot of blooms on it, but it is there!

Guess what I finished!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Shield is made of wooden planks, with cloth stretched over the top and painted. Rawhide is used as edging. Handle is made of purple heart. Strap is made by me too. Only thing I didn’t make is the boss and the metal buckle pieces.

This took way too long, but so worth it!

‪Omg!!! I am finally done painting the dragons on my new shield. All that is left is the handle, boss, and edging!

TW: Food

I made buttermilk biscuits.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of them cooked, as they all vanished without a trace the moment they came out of the oven.

Here is a picture of them in a cast iron skillet right before they went in!

Little dog is visiting me. I gave her a bath. then, she went outside and... well... 🤦‍♀️

‪I’m getting close to being done with the shield! Just have more shading work and details left on the white dragon. Then, edging, boss, and handle.

I went to the Austin Renaissance Festival, Sherwood! Dressed up as an elf, with my armor, small sword, and buckler. Had a lot of fun!

White dragon is coming along. This is a Viking style shield and still not complete!

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