Need some help from folks! I've got a friend on who's working on paper and needs some resources.

Here's what she says: " write a paper on how the Neurodiversity Movement is a resistance to effect of neoliberalism hegemonic educational trends upon autistic people. I want to demonstrate how Autism Speaks is part of the hegemony and how society ignores the fact that they don't work for the best interest of autistic people."

Boosts welcome! TY for anything you can offer!

@KARiley40 This article seems relevant

Also Lydia X.Z. Brown has some good posts on their website in general.

Do they know about ASAN? It's a Self-Advocacy group by and for Autistic people and I've written a paper on it. They have a lot of stuff on their website that's useful

@RadiantEmber this is great stuff!!! Thank you! I’ll check in with her and see.

@KARiley40 My advice is that I cannot actually understand that first sentence. Of course, consider the audience. Maybe those words mean something inside her discourse community, and this would be a perfectly fine sentence to write. But if this writing is supposed to be readable by the average adult, maybe she should reconsider her use of jargon.

@cadence No, it's not for the average adult. I also had to cut some of the sentence short due to length.

This is college level paper and basically, it can be summed up like this: Autism Speaks is bad for autistic people, the education system centers Autism Speaks and autistic people are revolting by forming their own movement and advocacy groups.

Now she's got to prove it and needs resources to that end.

@cadence If you want to help out, even if you don't understand the jargon (her intended audience will), give it a boost.

@KARiley40 Have them contact the Autism Self-Advocacy Network

@KARiley40 This shooouuuld be the neurodiversity section of my browser bookmarks. I think I exported it right. In theory, she can just import this into her browser and then she'll have the list of sites I wanted to be able to refer to later.

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