“We are death,” the first of the three dragon heads said.
“And destruction,” said the second.
I turned to the third.
“And we like cookies!” It said with a grin. “Have you brought us any?”
I held up a basket filled with all sorts of snacks.
The first head spoke. “You shall be spared.”
“For now,” the second added.
“See you tomorrow!” Chirped the third as clawed hands snatched the basket away from me.

I asked the three heads, “What shall I call you?”
The first said, “We have told you; We are Death.”
Then the second, “And Destruction.”
The third had its head buried in a basket. The second nudged it.
“Hu? Fwut?” The third swallowed its mouthful of cookies. “Oh right! And Chaos. Rawr!”
Death had its head buried in a clawed hand.
Destruction said to me, “We’re still working on it.”

@emacsomancer @KARiley40 This is reminding me of the conversation we had with @willghatch at this year's racketcon about the Spritely MUD interface for command input and how much thinking still needs to go into that before it'll probably be right...

@cwebber But I think getting the interface right will be a fun & interesting journey itself

@willghatch @KARiley40
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