I find it very interesting that people on Mastodon seem to prefer showing their support by boosting something rather than favoring it.

I'm not sure what that says about us. Maybe that sharing really is caring.

Either way, I'm here for it. Keep up those boosts all you lovely people.

@tn5421 Same! Or I try to anyway, but I find I do a lot more boosting on here.

@KARiley40 Semantics vary. Many people use Favorites as some sort of bookmarking (for instance "seems interesting, will read it later").

So, it is hard to draw conclusions about what they meant to say.

@bortzmeyer Yep, I do that too! But I do find that, least watching things, that there seems to be more boosts on things than favs... as compared to say, twitter, which goes the other way.

I can't say why it's going on, just a general observation from my end.

@petko Yes! I do this too!

I just find it super interesting it goes the other way like on Twitter, where people tend to overwhelmingly favorite.

And I find myself following that pattern. I boost here, favorite there when I support something.

@petko @KARiley40 that's the original idea of the star, twitter changed to a "like" button

@juacq97 I prefer the star. I hated it being changed to a heart. Some things just feel weird giving a heart to.

@KARiley40 hmm I guess you're right.

I didn't think too much about it, but perhaps it's just that users are much more conscious about how content makes it onto other people's timelines?

@rune Maybe?! I have no idea. It's such a difference though between it and twitter, where the likes dominate.

@KARiley40, I personally use the favoriting function to bookmark posts to address at a later time.

@iiogama Yep! I also use it as a way to go 'yes, I see you and agree/acknowledge/hi!' sorta thing.

@KARiley40 I’ve never really understood stars for stuff. Not sure I have ever used them. If I like something I want to spread it

@curtismchale Agreed! But pop over to say, twitter, and it's the other way around. Likes dominate.

It's just some interesting thing I noticed. And I actually prefer it.

@curtismchale Weirder? I find myself clicking fav more than retweet over there. And boosting more here, than favorites.

I think the only conclusion we can draw is, humans are weird.

Usually, I boost when I think. "Oh that's interesting! Or funny, or important. I wouldn't want to miss that!"

So I boost it because I think my circle might appreciate it too.


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