I need some movie suggestions! I’m looking for ones with a protagonist that is irritating/whiny for much of the movie. Double points if they are a Chosen One. Movie can be good or bad in of itself.

The first Harry Potter, Star Wars episode two/three, and Black Calderon come to mind as examples, but I need more!

Someone else suggested Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Just keeping a list for myself here!

Damn. Ya'll are just the best! Ty for all the responses and boots and such!

@dmoonfire I'll check them out! Thanks! I haven't seen Erdragon yet and it's been awhile since Kung Fu Hustle.

It's been a while since I've seen it, so I could be remembering incorrectly. But I think the Green Hornet with Seth Rogan fits. occurs to me now that the writers must have been intentionally satirizing the Chosen One concept. I didn't understand it at the time.

@KARiley40 if you want a Really Bad one, there's "Wizards of the Lost Kingdom 2", which they did for an episode in the MST3k reboot

@InspectorCaracal Oh, I am totally open to bad! I will have to give this one a look!

@KARiley40 What's funny is I love Michael B Jordan in everything else. His character just seemed like a brat in Creed.

@darth_mall Yeessss!! That also makes me think, Last Unicorn and Flight of Dragons should be on the list too! Ty!

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