😭 I just lost about 3,000 words in this fantasy novel I'm working on due to a minor change to how the characters escape the city they are in!

Oh well. I've saved them in a notes file, in case I can use that method to escape a different city down the line.

Besides, I like this version more. So silver lining!

@KARiley40 I'd love to hear more about your novel.
Can you tell us more?
Maybe about the process itself? How many words did you arrange?

@ekaitz_zarraga It's a fantasy trope subversion. Think, every mentor in every fantasy ever, who is older and doomed to die. So, she's got to find a way out of destiny.

So, my process is, I write to about the halfway point, then I go back and start edits. At this point, I have a solid handle on the world building.

This helps me refine the story beats and brings me back to the middle point, now with the lore and characters fleshed out.


@ekaitz_zarraga This has ripple effects. Minor changes build and I am left rewriting or removing large sections.

It also forces me to focus my world building down to specifics.

However, because the book isn't finished, then it only affects things up to the midpoint.

Then, I'm able to finish the book, because I now know where the characters are going and why.

Then more edits and polishing. That tends to be the processes I use.

@KARiley40 It's really interesting. I'd really like to have more tools when writing long stories, texts or even novels.

That's the abstraction level I need to find. At drawing, sculpting, programming, etc it appears. It's the planning, the ability to predict the result before you do it.
I lack that skill and that's why often my whole process feels really random or out of control.

Get what I mean?

Is it called mastery maybe, right?

@ekaitz_zarraga A little. But, I’m not big on planning either. I do some, like world building and character development. Then I drop the characters into situations and see what they do.

Random is fine. I do random. I write things out of order as they come to me. Then drop them in. I do lots of research when I get stuck. An idea will come when it comes.

My character motivations are set. I know their goals. But I have to write to find out how they get there. Or fail to get there.

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