To everyone doing on the bird site today, good luck!

If you’d like a retweet for your pitch, give me a poke here with handle and I’ll retweet it there.

@KARiley40 I'm already self-publishing the books I was going to pitch.:P

My book Uploaded Fairy is up on Amazon. As well as a couple of older middle grade books.

After I finish publishing the rest of my series, incompassing 6 novellas, and 23 or so short stories, I'm considering switching gears back into doing middle grade again.

@LWFlouisa Oh that should be fun!

I considered self publishing, but self promotion is one of those parts of it I’m very weak at. I would like that done on the professional end so I don’t have to.

@KARiley40 Building relationships, rather than pure "self-promotion" is actually how I self-promote.:P

As an aside, I may also get into doing UFO topic books, but like Richard Dolan, start out relatively conservatively in the field.

I think there is a certain danger in opening oneself up to accepting every conspiracy theory out there.

The problem with the word conspiracy, because the word is so vague and nearly meaningless, it could mean anything from "Our government ran by reptilian mantises" to "There is no such thing as Planet Jupiter."
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