Good evening (or morning depending on where you are). How is everyone?

@damuc Do I need to yell at you to go to bed? Lol. Other wise, hope you are at least having a good, whatever that part of the day is called after midnight but before dawn. Too early maybe?

@KARiley40 Good morning! It's 7pm here, cold and cloudy outside, but warm and cozy inside. How are you?

@erosdiscordia Not bad! Had a pretty productive day so far, with food shopping and raking leaves and I’m feeling good. Ty!

@KARiley40 Asking parents something basic: how much are they willing to expend on Christmas. It literally means nothing else besides this.

They'll find an endless number of ways to beat around the bush, and then turn it back around and blame it on me.

@LWFlouisa Then you can’t depend on them. Also, I’m so sorry. I know xmas can be rough for many people (stress money all that), but parents should always be upfront about time and finances with their kids.

And more importantly, their problems are not your fault.

Hope things go better for you tomorrow.

@KARiley40 Thanks a bunch.

Sorry to be a downer.:P Hope your Christmas is good.
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