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Kimberly A. Riley @KARiley40

Let me officially introduce the Keepers (characters in the Stone of Power), and what they are the Keepers of. Yes, I did these as Powerpuff characters!

Top L to R
Tech - Weapons
Tran - Culture
Selena - Water
Gadget - Technology
Dynamos - Chemistry
Mouse - Computers

Bottom L to R
Walker - Dimensions
Andrew (Aspen) - Plants
Godlin - Earth
Raptor - Animals
Aerion - Air #book #character #introduction #youngadult #sciencefiction #ya #scifi

@Katharsisdrill Yes, totally. And oops, I meant to add that in and forgot. Lol.

Years ago, I needed some DnD minis for zombie dinosaur island. Here are the first ones, skeletal raptors. #dnd #dnd5e #amsculpting #sculpture #rpg #roleplaying #tabletop

yo i'm staying in an actual homeless shelter rn because my parents are abusive, i'm disabled, and capitalism is shit; any boosts or donations would be hugely appreciated 💖💖💖$tinzin

I made another, smaller shield to match the murder spike (aka small sword). I'll be using this one with my Texas Renaissance costume. #ampainting #woodworking #artwork #fantasy

Had some weather move through yesterday with a bit of pea-sized hail. Here's the view out the back door as it beats up my live oaks.

*at dog park today*
‪Pest: Woof! Play with me.‬
‪Dog: Grr! Go away.‬
‪Pest: *chews on Dog's ear* Please?‬
‪Dog: No.‬
‪Pest: *chews on Dog's leg* Pweaase!‬
‪Dog: Ugh, fine! *chases Pest*
‪Pest: Weee! #dogs#pets

@pixelpaperyarn I'm so sorry to hear this! Boosting. Let us know how it goes.

i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i’m 9 days from being homeless. no one will rent to us. we’re not being evicted, but have to be out of the place we’ve lived for 12.5 years at the end of the month. if anyone knows of a place where 3 adults can live that’s safe for a transgender woman in the NJ/NY area, please let me know.

Remember that fight I was working on? Weeelll, it started to get complicated, so I used my DnD skills to map it out and plot character movements.. Monsters/aliens are turned over to prevent spoilers, but some of the Keepers are visible. #amwriting #dnd #rp #roleplaying #amwritingscifi #scifi

@BrentNewhall Oh man, one of my favorites! That story has stuck with me since I first read it in high school.

Cover art for my YA SFF book (released Jan 2017), Stone of Power. I didn't do it, but I'm really happy with it and it looks stunning IRL. The scene on the cover does happen in the book! The heroes go to Paris in their space planes to fight a monster.

Avilable on Kindle Unlimited free.

#YA #SFF #youngadult #yalit #teens #scifi #fantasy #fiction #amreading #books #science #scifiart

Curious about the adventures of Raptor, Tran, Godlin and the other Keepers? Read chapter 1 of the Stone of Power and find out what happens when a new hero stumbles upon the team. #ya #science #sciencefiction #scifi #book #books #youngadult #teen #youngadultlit #superheroes #amreading

@Siphonay Because they can't image having women as friends (the most basic form of human interaction beyond family), so we can't be anything more to them than a commodity. It's also why they get all bent out of shape when the women in their life have male friends, because we're not friendship material, so there must be more going on.. in their minds.

Time for some #amwriting. Been poking around on here a bit too much. Today's goal, writing part 2 of 3 of this huge fight, with the Keepers (main characters) vs a group of aliens.

@Burleybanana I'd agree with that, and to it, the rise of flowering plants, which meant the eventual rise of fruit. This opened the way for more omnivores and opportunist. You don't really need super specialized teeth/beaks to deal with fruit, like you do for fibrous plants or meat.

@memnus It's YOUR shower, by George! .. Good luck and speedy escape! Also, sorry people are jerks.

Raptor: Tran's not allowed to touch the Stone of Fire ever again.

Aspen: The lava.

Raptor: Oh, you read that report, hu?

Aspen: The one about Hawaii? Yeah.

Raptor: No, the one where he shook the Stone and it started erupting lava.

Aspen: He summoned lava into the base twice?

Raptor: It's Tran, of course he did.
#SFF #Scifi #Story #Storytime