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Kimberly A. Riley

Dog: I want outside.
Me: You have your own door.
Dog: But when I use it, I get rained on.
Me: What do you think will happen if you go out the human door?
Dog: It won’t be raining.
Me: The doggy door is not the source of rain!
Dog: You can’t prove that.

Thinking about the custom HTML-based character sheets I made for our D&D campaign to decrease the information overload.

From the start I wanted to add decorations and flair to them, and possibly even character-specific decorations.

But since I'm not that good at drawing, I'm thinking I might #commission something?

What a fair price for some abstract header & footer art for a fantasy character sheet be?

Raptor: You did what?!
Tech: I. Stole. The. Popemobile.
R: But WHY!!
T: ... you know, I really wasn’t thinking that far ahead at the time.
*Raptor smashes both hands to her face.*
T: Fine! I’ll return it! You’re not any fun, just so you know.

Having this pet rabbit and how much he would eat if he could makes me realize how many predators there are in the area and how very glad I am for them, least we be overrun by bunnies.

Mouse: .... Why is my computer in million pieces?
Gadget: I disassembled it.
M: You only needed to replace one wire. One!
G: And I did that.
M: You used explosives!
G: It was faster.

Dog has decided she doesn’t like food... again. Why she does this, I don’t understand.

Yes. She’s okay. Just goes through these phases where she doesn’t want to eat. It’s like she gets tired of the chore of eating.

Going to try making her food.

I'm considering moving my primary mastodon activity away from (currently dead) :loading:

I'm thinking of trying to compartmentalize my(net)self a bit, and make specialized accounts.
I already have this one as a personal alt, but I might convert it to :crt_w_green_lines: weird-tech-cybre-dreams

Probable accounts:
:crt_w_prompt: tech ideas and exploits
:blobross: art & culture

Please boost, as I only have 11 followers here and @ me with suggestions! :thaenkin:

Since I have to requery my first book and it’s not going well, I’ve decided to switch gears and write an adult fantasy, but with a twist.

Think Wheel of Time meets Good Omens, where the heroes decide instead of saving the world, they are going to break the wheel and put an end to ages of heroes/villains.

Goal is to make it as crazy funny as possible.

Me: What a week! Whew!
Also me: It’s only Tuesday.
Me: ...
Me: *muttering* God damn it...

‪Look at this. The low tonight is 18 F in Austin. No. Just no. Go home winter, you’re drunk.‬

‪Also, everyone affected by this front stay safe tomorrow. ‬

Got Steward (the rabbit) fixed yesterday. He had some minor problems, forcing me to get up several times in the night to clean and feed him.

He's fine today, but I'm tired!

Get your rabbits fixed! It will double their lifespan from 5 to 10 years!

This card, from Think Geek.

-Has cute hearts 💕
-Fantastically evil
-Works open or closed
-Water resistant
-Makes kissy sounds
-Plays 'Valentine' music
-Attempts to stop it will only make things worse.

Why are people shocked to learn I love heavy/death metal music? This puzzles me to no end.

(For the record, I also love classical music and am getting a taste for techno.)

Oh. Forgot a tag! @ekaitz_zarraga I got the fairy dragon all finished. Very happy with the little guy. Pics are in the above toot.

‪Finished painting my fairy dragon! He is made of green stuff and wire. ‬

‪The elf with the mask is my new character. She came from HeroForgeMinis.

‪Built a cardboard house for Stew. He seems to be enjoying it. rabbits