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Little self promotion here.

If you want to know when I get published with my YA sci-fi about superheroes or my adult fantasy about Wheel of Time trope subversion, here is my newsletter.

I won't be updating this until I'm published, so no worries about spam!

My sister is looking for experienced identity designers. If you a graphic designer with an online portfolio of logo and branding work, please DM me.

Reminder to Pennsylvania #AlleghenyCounty voters:

If you’ve already voted by mail, but then you get another ballot delivered to you with an orange stripe on the envelope, OPEN IT AND FILL OUT THE NEW BALLOT!!!

There are instructions inside the envelope explaining everything. A set of voters whose ballots were mailed on 9/28 received mismarked ballots. An estimated 30,000 people will be receiving these replacement ballots, so spread the word!!!

(This is not my ballot- from a question I got.)

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Finally there is some serious discussion in the mainstream of the possibility of a coup in the USA. Before it was either clickbait or irony.

I've been worried about this for quite some time, but most people I spoke with played it down.

I like how "American exceptionalism" is explicitly called out as a cause of that here:

This is also a decent read about this:

@pamela my daughter loves the flamingo and she painted a picture of roses and wanted me to show you it to you ;)

a huge collection of cool life hacks for autistic adults 

An autistic fashion & wearables pinboard, for autistic adults & youth. Lots of wearable fidget tools, clothes for whether you're sensory seeking or sensory avoidant, and wearable alternative communication for if you're nonverbal.

Another pinboard of autistic life hacks, gadgets, & sensory-friendly home design. Lighting that doesn't buzz & flicker, sensory retreat tents, social skills tips (there's a card game where you all play as autistic dragons and it teaches social skills??), sound proofing for if you're sensitive to that, & variations on wall calendars for hacking executive dysfunction.


Prop 25 is a big fuckin' scam.

It proposes a replacement for the bail bond system. This, in and of itself, is a good thing. The bail industry is a wretched garbage fire that hurts the poor, this is not in dispute.

The proposition as writ on the ballot largely fails to articulate what it would be replaced by: Algorithm based profiling.

The linked article gives a lowdown on what it looks like.

So most of the foiled fabrics I got this week are cottons, not stretch fabrics, so only good for dragon wings and accents unless I draft a pattern suitable for non-stretch fabrics, like the velvet dragons but large enough to turn this uncooperative stuff.

But there are other things I can make with non-stretch fabrics.


did you vote for president? who for and why?

From the page:

emsenn’s newsletter is an ongoing hosted conversation centered around eir experiences with decolonization (huh?) and finding indigeneity (what?) in setter-colonial society.

Huh? What?

Decolonization? indigeneity? setter-colonial? If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, you’re welcome to subscribe anyway, but please respect: it’s expected that everyone who engages in these conversation have a “basic” knowledge of the complex relationship between Indigenous (“Native,” “First Nations,” “Aboriginal,” etc.) and Colonial (“Western,” “White,” “European”) societies.

A “basic” knowledge is defined here as having read:

"Decolonization is not a metaphor" by Tuck and Yang

(more to come soon)

Knowing that, more background on the host, emsenn:

emsenn is 30 years-old, Itázipčho (Sans Arc of the Lakota), queer (e/em/eir pronouns), has permanent health and mobility issues, and has developed skills in land stewardship and urban direct action. E currently explores the intersection of those skills, and uses this newsletter to provide educational or opinionated information about them and related topics.

The goal is to use the newsletter to cultivate an ongoing discussion around these ideas. But for now, the newsletter is in its earliest days, and what its used for might change.

If you’re interested, go ahead and subscribe!

(Please boost & share on other platforms)

Voters in #AlleghenyCounty #Pennsylvania

Nearly 29,000 voters who requested a mail ballot were sent ballots with a mistake in the ward/district number. If you have your ballot and haven't returned it, check it.

The incorrect ballots were all mailed on September 28th. You can visit the state's ballot tracker and check when yours was mailed: 1/4

Officials: Nearly 29,000 Allegheny County voters received incorrect ballots, new ones being mailed:

She knocked hard on the door, three times before anyone answered. A girl slightly taller than her opened the door with a slice of bread in her hand.

"Good morning. You know we have food at the caravan, right?"
The girl mumbled a non-committal reply.
"Anyway, are you ready?"
"Uhh, not yet.." the girl said as she disappeared back into the house.

Shortly after, the girl appeared fully dressed and carrying a small bag, and they walked down the street together.

#Tootfic #AmWriting [1/3]

Keshitsubo are the smallest kind of bonsai tree, sometimes called "poppyseed size" in English. They're carefully maintained at heights of 3-8 cm.

Penguin PSA 

In case you need it, the San Diego Zoo has live webcams on their African Penguins

"You have done really well so far. The last stage of the interview process is a faith test."
"What does my faith... Isn't that illegal?"
"No, not your faith, of course not. This is to see which Gods have faith in you."
"Oh, okay. Wait. What?"
"Step into this machine, please."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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