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Little self promotion here.

If you want to know when I get published with my YA sci-fi about superheroes or my adult fantasy about Wheel of Time trope subversion, here is my newsletter.

I won't be updating this until I'm published, so no worries about spam!

Invaluable essay from a black/indigenous veteran RPG designer
"Don’t create utopias that assume a perfect world is an assimilation into a unified culture that centers patriarchal ethics and morals born from assumptions of Abrahamic traditions. There are so many other ways to look at the world."

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Hey y’all! I know I’m pretty scarce around here - I’m making myself take a break from art and social media for a bit - but I am using the break to focus on my Patreon and my fan comics. You get all kinds of exclusive goodies for as little as $1/month! Check it out at 😎

#art #mastoart #patreon #digitalart #comics #webcomics #goodomens #ocs

someone on the bird site asked what their black followers want their nonblack followers to know and ill share mine here (though i will admit i was thinking specifically of yt people at the time):

learn to put your body between black people and violence. chances are the violence will stop or lessen if it sees that you might be the target. it will not stop for me.

The lizard peered into the pond, tilting their head from side to side.

Instead of a little brown creature with a pointed muzzle and splayed toes, their reflection was a human with grey skin and black eyes.

'Let me out,' the reflection mouthed, a hissing voice echoing in the lizard's head.

The lizard startled and looked around, but nobody was there.

The reflection smiled encouragingly. 'We could rule the world again, if only you let me out.'



#microfiction #TootFic

UK politics, free school meals 

In this whole so-called u-turn over free school meals, there is no mention about what would work best for parents and their children. They are just poor and don't get to decide anything, just have to be happy with any handout the govt begrudgingly gives. And of course, is any of the food culturally specific?

#UKPolitics #SchoolMeals

Today's #Maille: Earth necklace, marked down for bill payment, free shipping in contiguous USA, all others please ask for shipping quote.

while I'm waiting to be accepted into mastodon . art, here's a comic I finished recently! words by Reni Eddo-Lodge from "why I'm no longer talking to white people about race" I hope the comic can make you want to read the book! (1/3) alt text available!

fediverse meta, pol, be on your guard 


- trumpian fash being banned on neolib social media and looking for new online spaces
- strange bots posing as trans women and reposting popular reddit content
- upsurge of kiwifarms pleroma activity

it seems like the fedi is an unsafer space as of now, and that (more than usual) one shouldn't assume good faith just because somebody has pronouns in bio and light side keywords. it's one thing to deal with tech libertarians and obvious fash trolls, another with kf infiltrators.

will be leaving my alts locked for now and using locked posts more. I'd recommend being extra careful posting any sort of exploitable content.


Snowww!! In Austin Texas. This is kinda a big deal because it doesn’t snow like this often.

cross-community dynamics, accessibility 

i've talked about this a lot on here, but this might help.

look, a lot of autistic folks struggle with social interactions, alright? including what society considers "basic" social interactions. so even things that are more complex than "say something socially appropriate when someone addresses you" can be even more challenging.

Silver-sparkly merino handwarmers in pride flag colours, super fancy soft yarn!

2x bi flag (the one on the left has a slightly darker purple stripe) and 1x nonbinary flag. The colours are relatively muted as in the photo.

£22 per pair plus P&P from the UK - DM me if interested!

I have a close friend who is being seduced by some pretty out there Covid conspiracy theories. I haven't the time to debunk it all (nor am I looking to debate any specific claims here). Does anyone have links to any legit, evidence based debunking sites I can share for another perspective? Boosts welcome. #askfedi #covid #conspiracy

TW | USPol / Ableism 

"hey friends, this is not a time to attack the terrorists using stigmatized ableist terms or phrases. they are not crazy or insane. they are sane and actively choosing to be abhorrent."

©️ @/CEOofBitchcraft on the blue birb app.

For those who are getting overwhelmed by the updates on what's happening in the US, you can set up filters in most fediverse software, allowing you to absorb the info at your own pace, without needing to tell off those giving updates about this event which is huge for a lot of people.

For you folks on Mastodon based instances, go to the Settings, and go to Filters. Here you can create individual filters for each word you want, and if you want to you can have each filter configured to permanently drop the matching posts, even if the filter is removed.

For those on Pleroma, click the cog in the top right hand corner, go to Filtering. Here you can enter a list of words, one per line, to filter. By default, when a filter matches, the post will show up collapsed and you can expand it if you want, showing you what filter the post hit.

For those on Misskey, go to Settings -> Word Mute. Again, terms per line, and you can use regexes here if you know how to use 'em. You have the option for soft mutes which temporarily remove the posts from your timeline with a "username said something" message, or a Hard mute which permanently removes the post from your timeline, even when the filter is removed.

SFWA President and award-Winning author Mary Robinette Kowal is offering writing scholarships (with 3 months mentoring) to 'women, trans, and genderqueer Black, Indigenous, or people of color' writers!

us pol 

Thank you Georgia. Thank you Stacy Abrams.

Question about food in the UK 

Is there any type of cheese crackers like goldfish or cheez-its widely available in the UK?

These are like 10-20% of my diet so I'm wondering if there are any alternatives i could get when i travel to the UK

Also any that are gluten free and/or vegan would be great

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