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Little self promotion here.

If you want to know when I get published with my YA sci-fi about superheroes or my adult fantasy about Wheel of Time trope subversion, here is my newsletter.

I won't be updating this until I'm published, so no worries about spam!

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Here is some pretty yarn to look at, if you need something soft and nice right now. #knitting

Hey guys, as always:

Remember that the people working retail are humans,

That the things that annoyed you in the store were almost certainly not their fault,

That if they’re ringing register, they probably can’t change corporate policy,

and that they are PEOPLE and deserving of your consideration and respect.

if I don't get 500 followers in the next 48 hours I'll post pictures of my feet

This may or may not be a threat, depending on your views on feet


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Hi all! Sooo... I was a wee bit ill (by a wee bit I mean holy freaking heck soooo goddamn sick ow) the last couple of weeks, and sick = not doing nuthin' = I'm running low on $$$ to fend off the ravenous bill monsters.

I ain't the sort to ask for donations at times like this (loads of folks need it more) but I do have some arty stuff to offload, if any y'all might be interested. Hence, a quick lil' advertising thread incoming, boosts much and eternally appreciated 💖

#mastoart #artist

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Uugghhh. has not been going well this month. Life decided to do things and it’s cutting into my motivation. I suppose, it will come when it comes.

I’m at least enjoying the world building. 😄

Recommendations for a good pan for making scrambled eggs?

I'm trying to find a not too expensive non stick pan that will last a while. My Tramontina was great, but only lasted about two years before it was too badly scratched to work well for eggs. Calphalon are too damn expensive.

Looking at some ceramic coated ones like Greenpan and Kyocera.

I realize, that as a writer, the universe my characters inhabit is always out to get them, because I am that universe. Muahahaha.

RT Turns out jigsaw puzzle makers just use the same die to cut apart different puzzles, so you can mix and match.


It’s cold and windy. I don’t wana go outside and take Dog for a walk! Send help, lol!

Reminder: people complaining about "political correctness" are basically complaining that they can't be dicks to other human beings and get away with it.

Recently I’ve noticed that more images here on mastodon seem to have descriptions for the vision impaired. Thanks very much to everyone who is doing this, it’s making my social media experience a heck of a lot better.

There is nothing better than hearing and keeping a secret, trust me with your confidences, DM me your secrets, friends

Alright! Art tutorial time!~ Most of the description of what's happening will be in the image descriptor, cuz I can't type out so much. Hope y'all like it! I use Paint Tool SAI, so all the stuff might not be the same from program to program, but you can probably find useful info in here no matter what!~ :sparkles_trans:

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