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Little self promotion here.

If you want to know when I get published with my YA sci-fi about superheroes or my adult fantasy about Wheel of Time trope subversion, here is my newsletter.

I won't be updating this until I'm published, so no worries about spam!

... or it dawns on me what time it is and I have to walk the dog and eat dinner. Maybe tonight? Tomorrow for certain. I want this chapter done.

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trans creator scammed out of $5k, gofundme link 

Okay, I've put this off long enough, I'm going to write this poem today! (or tomorrow!)

This is a kind of random request. I'm looking for a new lanyard to put my work badge on. Do any art creators offer or go through sites that offer lanyards? Let me know, please!

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asking for financial help, trans and disabled 

The question of a non-binary or non-gendered alternative to “Ma’am” and “Sir” goes around Mastodon every so often, and I've never seen a good answer that works in all the cases where we use "Ma'am" and "Sir" (no, "comrade" is not it).

But I've just read which has a suggestion I do like: use "Mx." Yeah, just like the title. I think this could actually work and I'm gonna try using it.

Ugh. This chapter rewrite is kicking my butt. I mean, all these final ones have, but this one is one I’m actively avoiding working on because I plan to write a short poem for it in a style I’m not used to.

Plan is to use a Viking style. I know how I need to lay it out, I even have examples to draw from, it’s just the doing part. And I have to come up with the lore being told, which I think is what’s got me procrastinating.

... tempted to play more Stellaris and put this off some more.

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know! #art #illustration #mastoart

asking for donations, trans healthcare, boosts+ 

July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

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If your pronouns are sometimes or always "they", please fill in this short survey. :)

(It's short in terms of not many questions and they're quite easy with many checkboxes, and also short as in it closes on Sunday 23rd Feb 2020!)

#pronouns #nonbinary

Trans HRT, urgent 

call to action, democratic civil engagement 

‪Gah! Okay, so I went to give the rabbit a piece, A PIECE, of banana, but stinker grabbed the peel instead and ran off with it.‬

‪I had to chase him down and trade him a smaller bit of peel for the larger so he wouldn’t bolt again.‬

‪Pets. I tell ya.‬

Chapter 20 rewritten and edited for this second draft! Onto chapter 21. Figure I will end with 26, maybe 27 chapters.

This is an adult fantasy trope subversion, told from the POV of the doomed-to-die mentor character.

Finally got the spear sheath stitched together and on. It’s a perfect fit, nice and tight. I’m very happy with this. Eventually, I’ll put the raven design onto the spear head itself.

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