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Little self promotion here.

If you want to know when I get published with my YA sci-fi about superheroes or my adult fantasy about Wheel of Time trope subversion, here is my newsletter.

I won't be updating this until I'm published, so no worries about spam!

I love the joy the scientists express here as they come across a rare, deep sea jellyfish and as they watch it change shape.

aspects of birds:

1: pretty

2: talons

3: good noises

4: screaming chaotic gremlins

5: tweet tweet uvu

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The real gender was the friends we made along the way.

A lot of people wonder why Alexis spends her free time turning clouds into cats. I think they’re asking the wrong questions. Why wouldn’t you do this? Bunch of weirdos if you ask me. 🐈 ☁️ 🌙

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I have a medical condition that causes me to become extremely ill on my period without birth control. For about 6 months, I was a victim of Connecticut's religious exemption policy at a local

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When I was in elementary school our teacher told us to pick our favorite ocean mammal

I picked the blue whale, because I had recently learned it was the largest thing that ever lived, and that seemed cool

Then she told us we would be drawing our chosen animals

on the bus loop


How the unionization process works in the US. A thread. 

Story time! This spring, I saw a pair of male cardinals attempting to court a female.

Then, the two males started fighting.

The female flew into the middle of it, grabbed one male by his tail and threw him off the branch and then bit the other one.

They stopped and returned to courting.

My first thought: this is what courting the Countess on Downton Abby would have been like when she was young.

"Preform for me, but if you start fighting, I will thrown you both down."

I realize that as I write this fantasy book, I am going to have to paint some paintings for it. I might be writing a trope subversion fantasy, but I do love fantasy artwork and I don’t see why I shouldn’t embrace such a fun trope.

Just in case anyone out there needs to hear this: I'm sorry things suck, but I think you're pretty great anyway.

OMG, I've forgotten how much I detest edits, where I'm looking for adverbs and 'to be' verbs.

I'm using a program to help, but this is so tedious. I'm only on Chapter 3 and I'm just so done!

But! I think I've settled on a title: Murdering Fate. Adult fantasy trope subversion, about a mentor who is fated to die saving the Hero of Ages, unless she kills the Fates first.

Heard a good life lesson the other day: You cannot assign motivations to someone based on how they make you feel.

Especially if they make you angry. Anger is what leads you to assigning malicious intent to events that never even crossed the other person’s mind.

Not saying that bad people don’t exist (they do!), but most are doing the best they can, trying to make it though each day. But people screw up, get in a rush, or have a bad day. It doesn’t mean they are motivated to hurt you.

Anyone know of a project needing a voice actor or narrator? I have a fairly deep south-west england voice that's looking for some exposure. Will do it for free if it's a small or non-profit project, charges if it's for an established company or project. Voice samples available on request.

Boosts appreciated, get me out there!

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im Héloïse!

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abigail DMed me a top-tier même on instagram pls tag yourselves


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