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Kimberly A. Riley

Bunny update, since it’s been awhile. Steward is doing fantastic. Got him fixed and all healed up. Dog loves him and I’ve built him a large play pen with an elevated hutch. Here is Steward making his way into the hutch.

I vanished for a little bit cause I went on a trip. Just one the many pictures, which I have yet to properly upload, lol.

Just wanted to get this out there.

I 💕 you all and all the wonderful posts I read everyday even if I can’t reply to everything.

Thank you. 😄

I am discovering rabbits are a lot like cats.

They are funny, cuddly, and sometimes jerks.

(at park)
Dog: I found something! *digging under the fence*
Me: It's just a ball! There's a dozen more on this side.
Dog: But they aren't THIS ball.
Me: *sigh. Goes and gets that ball. Gives to dog.*

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wanted: work

I am a copywriter, although I could do a lot of different kinds of writing. I bet I could do technical writing, if it came up. I know about marketing but honestly I don't like doing it very much.

I'm also an editor! And a regular writer! And a lot of other things!

If you know someone who needs me, or what I can do, please suggest me. I'm good at what I do and unemployed!


Great advice on what to do if you find a baby bird from Rosemary Bosco. You can find free printables versions of her chart at
#bird #nestingseason

Me: Today is a good day for , let me sit down and...
Dog: PLEASE HUG ME!! Also! I'm going outside to eat sticks!
Birds: We're flying around, getting into trouble! Also! TWEET TWEET TWEET!
Rabbit: I'm eating something I shouldn't! Also! Jumping is fun!

Every time I see this, I think to myself... Someone wrote, edited, approved, paid for, directed, acted in, ect, and they all went 'yep! this is a great plot twist!'... and I know if I write anything other than 'but Martha!', then I'm a pretty good writer.

Me: Okay, I’m sending ya’ll into a life or death situation. You have to make a choice between two plans.
Characters: We split into two teams and execute both plans!
Me: 🤦‍♀️
C: Just covering all the bases.
Me: This is why I can’t work with any of you.

‪Such a pretty spring day!‬

‪Birds are singing, sun is shinning, plants are blooming, and Dog is enjoying her drink from the birdbath.‬

‪On a walk with Dog, two friends, and their dogs (Ears and Spot).‬

‪Dog: :whispers: Hey hey. Guess what?‬
‪Spot: What?‬
‪Dog: That’s what! :attempts to run, but is on a leash:‬
‪Me: Not play time!‬
‪Ears: Play? Play!‬
‪Spot: :crying and throws tantrum: I want to play too!‬
‪Me: Must you?
‪Dog: It’s not my fault they can’t behave!!

Raptor: I was gone for two hours... Two! And you three managed to set the lab on fire.
Tran: That happens sometimes.
R: And put a hole in our roof.
Tech: It wasn’t my fault!
R: And turned half our food into bubble gum!
Dynamos: Yeah, that was my bad.