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Kimberly A. Riley @KARiley40

I hate pockets
Pockets with hidden mini pockets inside the first pocket.
Fake pockets that make you think for a second they are there.
Pockets with buttons and zippers you have to undo before you can use them.
Too short pockets that let things fall out.
Too narrow pockets that don’t allow anything in.
Pockets only on the back and fancy pockets with holes
Pockets that show everything I carry.
I really, truly, hate pockets.
But I wish I had more, because I hate purses more.

Godlin: We need them angry, we should send in Tran.
Raptor: He'll just annoy them. No, if we really want to piss them off, we send Tech.

@codechemist According to the repair guy, it's not uncommon, especially with older models (though, this one was only 3 years old and a good brand not at all known to do this). I guess, this is a PSA in a way too. This could have started a house fire. Don't run your dishwasher at night or when you're not home,.

Holy crap, have I had a crazy week! My dishwasher heating coil burned through the bottom of the dishwasher and flooded the kitchen, UNDER the flooring. When you walked on it, it went, squish, squish, and was like walking on a waterbed. It was both freaky and cool and an OMG moment all the same time. Bad news is, this means slows down a lot while I deal with this, but hey, good news is I get a new floor/dishwasher.

Been doing a lot of writing lately. Planning out the final battle! Though, my original plan for the battle won't work, as I realized that space is big. I mean to show off this bigness, but we'll see how well I do.

@Weavrr It's so FUZZY!! ::screams and dies::

So yeah, working on this and I'm getting close to the 'gathering of allies' so they can 'fight the big battle' at the end, right? All simple stuff. Except, I've got this set in space and space is huge and to show that hugeness off, I can't have all the allies be gathered. Instead, a huge chunk of them have to stay on Earth, 4-ish light years away from all the action, where they are totally useless. What have I gotten myself into? Lol! .

Another shield picture? Yes! This time with the helm and axe I got for it.

@rosso Ty! I've so far been pretty happy with it.

‪Finished another shield. This one is 2 foot wide and not a door hazard. Made of wood, cloth, metal, and rawhide. The boss in the middle was made by someone else.

Hey all, I've joined bookbub (still trying to figure it out!). I might have to run a book deal on here at some point. Until then, feel free to follow, and if you're an author, leave me your link and I'll follow you.

Little hard to see, but this is a tarantula hawk I saw this morning. They hunt tarantulas to lay their eggs on, stinging them so they stay alive, but just paralyzed. They also have one of the most painful stings in the world,second only to the bullet ant.

Is this another shield? Yes it is. Bit smaller than the first one cause that one was catching on door frames and was a hazard to walk with. This one is just 24 inches and has a long ways to go still. And yes, the pattern was SUPER annoying to get on there cause it starts to mess with your head after awhile.

Bit of science today from my book, the Stone of Power.

Tech talks how to make an electromagnet. Context is the Keepers are going to shoot an E.M.P. missile at a monster that's terrorizing Pairs.

If you want to make one, take a battery, an iron nail, and some wire. Coil the wire tightly around the nail. Connect each end to the opposite sides of a battery and tada! Magnet.

@Alamantus Sometimes, there is no clear line on it. Zombie stuff, I tend to lump into dystopia, because you're looking at end of world type stuff and they tend to explain it with science. If you want a web comic that skirts the line, check out this: Basically, magic is leaking across the mulit-verse, causing changes. Heroes, monsters, magic, elves, everything. Now that magic has reached Earth and is infecting everything.

@Alamantus Don't forget your dystopias as well (think, Hunger Games)! These tend to fall into the sci-fi or speculative fiction. Sci-fi has really expanded over the years.

@Frotz Yes! Who get together in an annual competition to show off and exchange ideas. Woe to whatever town they decide to descend upon that year.