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I'm using a Mac again at work. Mostly it's fine, but DAMMIT, those keybindings all make NO SENSE AT ALL.

Browserhistory on CMD-Y
Switch Windows of the same app: CMD-<

And don't get me started on cursor navigation by keystrokes...

CMD-Q to quit makes at least sense, but annoying as hell if your muscle memory assumes an @ there - thankfully, that can get fixed by Karabiner...

@JollyOrc "@" as quit? That keybindung makes no sense at all, almost like searching a "Start Menu" for a Shutdown ;-)

Oh, and you known that there's more than one browser you can use, right?

JollyOrc @JollyOrc

@cynix my habits were formed on machines where ALT-GR + Q gives you the @ sign.

That combination sits on the same physical spot as Apples CMD-Q - which translates to "Quit".

Well, not anymore, at least not on this particular machine... :)

And what do you mean "more than one browser"?! What is this heresy you speak of? :D

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@JollyOrc my habits where formed on Lisp machines, where the keyboards have Ctrl, Meta, Super and Hyper modifier keys. So think about my "downgrade" to all these inferior machines of today. Never got used to Alt-Gr.