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What I hate about social media sites that all the data is kept, but I can't find anything I need. But the admins, or new owners can always comb through the data (cf. last share). Given that I can't find shit, I'd be better off if old data got deleted. Delete inactive accounts after 90 days. Delete Toots after 90 days. Delete media after 30 days. Data is a liability. Make it easy for people to export threads (share a thread as HTML mail attachment, or save as HTML page for example).

@kensanata Partly agree. The downloadable Twitter archive is quite neat, actually:

You basically get an entire website containing all your old tweets and retweets, ordered by month. It can be stored locally and includes decent search functionality. I use it quite often to search my > 10000 (!) old tweets.

I would love a similar feature here on Mastodon.

@kensanata Yes. In my opinion, it is really well done. I wonder why Twitter did this - are they able to collect user data while people are browsing their local archive? I don't think so. The archive works offline, too.

JollyOrc @JollyOrc

@stefanieschulte @kensanata well, Google does that too, as does Facebook, to a certain extent. It enhances trust in some way.

Offering this should become a standard.

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