we're busy with the next iteration of Ibex - the Shepherd. Here is the UX mockup of the new onboarding process!

Onboarding a new Solid feature can be tricky, and doing social right even more so. Here is how we want to make things more accessible: darcy.is/onboarding/

MFW when I learn that my therapist from 7 years ago and another city does insurance-approved online sessions these days.. :D

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transphobia, instance block 

Now you wonder why am I making a thread about IT Crowd and Graham Linehan.

Well, they started an instance, called glindr.org.
Now the only thing I could wish more than humans being able to live without the need of a state, is for people to block the crap out of this instance.

Not going on the sliperry slope here, but if people like him start to settle down, we will have more shit neighbours further down.

First nazi, now terfs, them what?

In case you havent read the wikipedia for graham linehan, this is the guy that petitioned the UK national loterry to not fund mermakds UK, a trans youth support charity.

That is also what lead Hbomberguy to raise £270,000 for said charity doing a charity livestream.

So please repport, please block, please share amd please make this terf as unwelcomed as possible

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it baffles me that character encoding error are still a thing. Expecting the english language subtitles show the german language parts correctly is apparently too much.

(courtesy of Netflix.)

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Seltsam, wenn ein Haus brennt klingt genau das völlig irre, was ganz normaler Mainstream ist, wenn der ganze Planet brennt. Gretabashing löst zwar keine Probleme, ist aber bislang der einzige Konsens, weil Klimaverträge einhalten völlig uncool ist. Verhaltensänderungen sowieso.

"Dogs in the Vineyard" should come with a warning label: Needs Buckets of Dice!

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Hallo! Wir haben eben eine Stellenausschreibung für unser pretix-Team veröffentlicht. Hast du Lust, mit mir und meinen großartigen Kollegen daran zu arbeiten, unser Ticketsystem weiter zu verbreiten? Dann freu ich mich, von dir zu hören!

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this furry convention is the worst ever

there's offices and cubicles everywhere at this venue and so many people on the phone

I have to use my con badge to open the doors to even get in

worse yet they're just selling root canal equipment, and everyone is just playing "Dynamics AX" and "SalesForce" at the LAN party smh, fucking terrible games

I keep being told to keep it down

no one even has a fursuit on although I'm convinced this one dude in a three piece suit has a "corporatesona"

hey, : I am writing a roleplaying game, and part of it is a NPC generator. The generator so far creates a human being of undetermined age, gender or race - and I am thinking about giving prospective referees one or two _optional_ random tables to determine these two things, so they have a hook on how to flesh out the NPC.

Which options should be included, and with which wordings, so there is no white-male default? Or should I just ditch it?

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"i do not tolerate racism, transphobia, ableism, queerphobia, or classism. not on my watch. i think the fuck not."

wow so easy and this toot cost me nothing

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Email has many flaws, but it's the last, strongest part of the non-centralised Internet we have left. We should promote and support it for that reason.

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Extremely disappointed in Omar Roth, the creator of Invidious.

Taking a neutral stance against hate speech is choosing a side. What a cop out.


Rewatching Ladyhawke for the first time in at least 20 years. That movie is so very very much of its time! Not sure if that's a good thing

OpSec warning of the day:

If someone has your FedEx account number, they can send parcels on your dime, and you don’t get a notification ahead of time what this is going to cost, nor a question if you really want this to happen.

not the prettiest housing, but it sure quiets down the printer. Next step: Wait for all the hinges to print, then properly mount the front doors.

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