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#MastodonGripe Keyboard navigation is really, and I mean, REALLY useful.

But it would be far better if j/k navigation would position the focused toot at the top of the stream in view. I constantly focus a new toot and then have to either keyboard or click around to position it so that it is READABLE within the page.


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Man writes book, reviewer doesn't like book, man responds with incredible email.

(CW at the link for discussion of anxiety & meds.)

"That's the level at which I write, Lilyn. No other."

I'm crying

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slo-o-o-wly getting all the spoons back that I spent at . This was a great event, even introvert-friendly, but quite draining nonetheless..

Still, reaffirmed by belief that is not a stupid idea! :)

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Hab mal ne kleine Radtour zum Demostart gemacht. Der Potsdamer Platz ist immer noch voll obwohl die Demo vor ner Stunde losgelaufen ist. 👍📢🤩 #Berlingegen13 #Art13demo

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Big Tech's Favorite Excuse for Letting Hate Go Viral Is a Great Argument Against Big Tech:

TL;DR: That favorite excuse is Scale.

"Too big to fail" also means "too big to succeed". Too big to effectively manage the communities & conversations, manage the intercultural conflicts between differing community standards, etc., etc.

/ Link hat-tip @michel_slm
/ Tag @dredmorbius @JollyOrc

How to introduce yourself at parties when you're the token german and need to remind people why they know your: "I brought the Mettigel to the last party."

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The year is 2022. Justice Kondo returns to the bench and asks the jury, "Does the defendant spark joy?"

so, let's see if installs on the Windows 10 Linux subsystem..

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No matter how hard I look elsewhere, this is probably the most perfect PC to walk into starbucks and sit next to a macbook air user with

so. Someone whose creative work I liked and who I in the past occasionally defended when they behaved like an asshole online but at least "for the right reasons" (or so I thought) turned out to be a actual abusive gaslighting asshole to his partners in real life

And of course the one post by his partner of which I thought of as proof that he's doing this for the right reason - that post was actually written by the asshole himself.

Good riddance.

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empfehlungen für trans-friendly therapeut*innen in berlin? (außer bast...)

boost wär nett :)

hooray - swapping nozzle, doing a cold pull, then swapping the bowden tube and finally the CR-10s seems to print decently again.

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Wow! Just wow!


(try scrolling with the mouse)

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One of my teams is starting a new series of regular meetings "OnCall Review And Practice", or OCRAP in short.

It's strangely apt, and I wonder why I've never heard that before.

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@AlexAloi I gladly accept donations for my web resources on the ancient world, material culture, and the occasional cat and/or dragon

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I draw artsy erotica. Everything is free and uncensored here, but I use gumroad for the high resolution versions and as tip jar on a 1$ / pay what you want basis:

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