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I've started a blog series about Terrifying German Culture Hour. Because.

after putzing around for 40 minutes, trying to get the putty-on-windows generated set of SSH keys to work with on this iMac, I decided to screw it and just recreated new ones.

Server admins just have to add that one to all the servers now...

A rocket suit with 6 miniature jet engines. Really impressive, even though it's only small hops so far.

I'm using a Mac again at work. Mostly it's fine, but DAMMIT, those keybindings all make NO SENSE AT ALL.

Browserhistory on CMD-Y
Switch Windows of the same app: CMD-<

And don't get me started on cursor navigation by keystrokes...

CMD-Q to quit makes at least sense, but annoying as hell if your muscle memory assumes an @ there - thankfully, that can get fixed by Karabiner...

TIL that Weetabix tried to make it big in China... and failed.

I finally got around to playtest the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game in singleplayer mode.

It works surprisingly well in that! Harry, Ramirez and Billy&Georgia tried their hand at Full Moon. The first thing I noticed was that I probably wouldn't be able to solve all investigations, due to my deck being too combat-heavy.

I narrowly won nonetheless, but dang, it was close..

Next step: Find out how to make setup faster, and maybe invest in protective sleeves...

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One of the problems shared by many social media platforms, is the "pile on" effect. Someone says something dumb and the entire Internet shows up on their doorstep to mock them.

Twitter has this problem in spades, it's one of the reasons it has a bad reputation for harassment.

As far as I know, there is nothing technically preventing the same problem here in the #fediverse though.

If it became a social norm to just star people who have already responded instead of piling on, that would help.

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to combat "hey guys" a friend of mine made a site that will give you a gender neutral alternative every time you refresh

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Google’s Verily unveils a new health watch

Google’s Verily has unveiled its newest investigational device, the Verily Study Watch, with the ability to passively capture health data.

See its features at which do look fairly future proof (except for possible new sensors that may be developed in future)

#google #health #watch

The 80ies have called, they want their title animation back.

(seriously though, this looks right up my alley!)

The goth cockatoo at the Zoo Berlin is the best cockatoo.

while I'm at asking noob questions: What is it with all those follow/federation bots that keep following me? Is this just technology made visible, or are they scanning me to determine if I'm a spammer?

Ok, I just now grokked the upside of the local/federated timeline thing:

When I just asked a question, I had four followers. Only one of those particularly active. But due to the fact that my question showed up on the timeline of others too, them knowing that I am part of their instance/group, they helped me.

Immediate upside to Twitter, I like that! (also, 500 characters for the win!)

Twitter has this thing with sort-of threaded conversations being shown. Does Mastodon do something similar somehow? Just in case I see a reply and wonder what it's for..

And once again, cat #1 has decided that it's mandatory bathrobe cuddle time. Guess that's what I'll spend the next hour for...