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I got this banana phone as a joke but it turns out it's the best Bluetooth headset I've ever used.

Help, I'm managing an international consulting firm via banana.

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Hey CCC, if Linus (the biggest asshole on the planet) can recognize he was wrong for 30 years and take time to reflect, *you* can also apologize for what happened last year and take time off to reflect. Leave 35c3 to the Angels, and go draft a CoC.

so... I had an invitation to play DSA 4.1 yesterday evening. The village guard. After looking over the very overspecific and melodramatic background story of the sample character provided, and the host of mechanical details about his fear of being shot at by arrows, I graciously bowed out of the game.

This morning during breakfast I learned that another player bowed out at 5am when he realized that they weren't gonna find the clue in the library, thanks to botching the skill roll.

I chose well

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Hey I wrote a thing that makes calling your elected representatives slightly less awful: Phones of Glory. It is free because I want you to make some calls!

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The year is 2073. All proprietary social networks are dead. Microsoft and Intel are long gone, everyone uses locally-fabbed RISC-V chips. The world has been cured of cancer, politics and electron.

There are no remaining hardcopy records of the half a century leading up to this, because nobody could get their printer drivers working in that entire time.

ok, cleaning filament is a thing and also a thing that works. It bubbles nicely through the extruder nozzle and after a few minutes of heating and wiping my printer actually produced useable things again.

I do recommend, especially as cold-pulls would require serious disassembly on my machine.

so... Nozzle cleaning filament. Seems to do the trick, let's see if the next print comes out ok..

Gothcone. Tastes way better than it looks.

Who builds the wonkiest shelves of all?

I do!

(just kidding. This is surprisingly stable. It rests on the kitchen countertop and is fastened to the wall with two screws so it won't topple. The boards provide tension so the frame doesn't wobble. The girlfriend trusts it with the most glorious teapot, so it can't be that bad...)

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oh my... another Kickstarter bag just arrived. I just realize that I might have a problem. It has gotten to the point where I could probably justify starting another blog, just to review all those duffels, backpacks, weekenders and carry-ons...

as I'm on a hunt for a new rig I tried something that I haven't done in QUITE a while: I asked an apparently small-fry PC shop for advice. And lo and behold, they delivered a detailed and even sensible quote that checks all my boxes, with comments that show the person on the other side actually put some thought into it.

I am amazed. My only nitpick is that they want cash upfront.

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Our golden age ended on September 11th, 2001. The day we decided to make fear our ultimate ruler, when we succumbed to the false promises of safety in exchange for liberty, when we chose to rate our believes higher than our knowledge, when we started to reject the stranger instead of welcoming him and when we turned our eyes from the future towards the past.

MFW a 15 hour print completes, but the top 10% are missing due to a clogged nozzle..

I am seriously tempted to try and arrange some sort of conference about "FLOSS social media, moderation and protection - how to have a conversation without asshats"

Not that I feel in any way qualified to do so..

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Gerade auf Twitter gelesen und ich muss mehr lachen 😂 als ich sollte:

Wie nennt man eigentlich einen deutschen Wutbürger? Sauerkraut. (Danke, ich finde schon selber raus)

ugh! I kinda need to buy a new PC before christmas (dad is "demanding" to get my current one), and it IS THE WORST!

I want:
- kinda smol
- very silent
- kinda beefy
- eventually handle VR

Why can't there be just one single choice?

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