So.. for the first time in a while, not wearing a bowtie to the office - I was in a rush today, and couldn't find a fitting one for... THE KRAKEN

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this open source "phone" looks exactly like how using open source software feels

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Berliners! My ex-intern, now full-time employee, urgently needs a new flat because her current flat situation is untenable. She needs a place where she can live with her sister. Requirements: Not bleedingly expensive, space for two people, in Berlin. Any leads, please get in touch!

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I do my best to find common ground w/ people because I prefer to be able to find where we can relate. It's my thing.

But if we can't agree cops killing unarmed children is wrong or that free speech isn't the same thing is hate speech or there is no place in modern society for a culture that wants to remove people from the planet as a solution, then something is wrong w/ you.

Different beliefs are fine, but there is such a thing as evil in the world.

Everything does not deserve consideration.

*gnawing on fingers* Im cutting down to part-time starting next week to get the Darcy Project running faster.. WHAT AM I DOING!?!

UX Design needed.

You know Zeplin or other tools to create pretty UI demos? You know how to do UX for web?

You have reasonable rates and can deliver about a days worth of work within the next two weeks?

Contact me!

/me looks at the tentative budget for his grandiose plans. Then eyes available lottery tickets...

I'M DOING A SOCIAL MEDIA SURVEY! (boosts appreciated) Show more

I'm at , and if anyone has opinions about the G+ exodus, why federated social networks are a good idea, but also why them being entirely volunteer-run is bad news, come find the green-haired man in a suit and talk to me!

so, I've decided to join this year, hopefully I'll find some folks there to talk about the , Federation and Social Networks.

After talking a bit yesterday, I realized that a lot of my own ideas about social media were in dire need of explanation.

So, if you've been looking at my Social Media Feature Comparison spreadsheet and could not grok it, here is a list of definitions and explanations, followed with a summary of what I want from the internet. A first survey tells me that this does not exist though...

As my main serendipity network will shut down at some point, I put down some serious thought.

ok, finally done binging the first season of Cobra Kai. That is some bona fide 80ies celebration tv.

The Deuce - a show that is so sleazy, it needs TWO James Francos.

(seriously though, It's good, you want to watch that.)

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You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

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