Another good post on Digby's Hullabaloo, titled "Channel your passion And shake off the helpless feeling"

There is a reference to this Slate article: Why Politics Is Both the Poison and the Cure By Dahlia Lithwick

A long, but very interesting take on the question of whether "Trumpism" is the early stages of an American fascism or just more of the same GOP crap that has been going on at least since Nixon.
Corey Robin thinks it is the same-old, same-old, while Ganz worries that it is becoming something worse. I lean towards the concerns of Ganz and Timothy Synder that the cumulative radicalization of the GOP is leading to something much more dangerous.

I don't live in California, but I found this article on Diane Feinstein to be interesting reading.

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Remember when Ashley Parker was a columnist you could take seriously?

We should all be pushing for better gun control, but I happen to know it isn't Democrats blocking legislation across the country and filling lawsuits against it where it does exist.

Interesting comment by Digby about Republican bans on abortion:
As Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern wrote, “when abortion is outlawed, every uterus becomes a potential crime scene.”

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Spot on. And Alito's opinions are almost always aggressive, arrogant, and laced with venom. The sense of entitlement practically drips off the pages.

The Christofascists won't stop here. We're already seeing the erosion of other "unenumerated" constitutional rights, something as simple and taken for granted for at least the last 150 years as interstate travel. The GOP Missouri legislature is actively threatening its citizens if they leave their states to have abortions elsewhere.

Immediately after (or with) abortion rights will be the right to access contraception. It's already hinted at in Alito's references to a case that involves just that. Other Republicans are also trying to erode even married couples' rights to access contraception.

This is not an exaggeration - it's happening now.

Alito’s Plan to Repeal the 20th Century:
If the conservative justice’s draft opinion is adopted by the Court, key advances of the past hundred years could be rolled back.

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Biden ran on 10K per borrower, which I've seen misrepresented countless times.

About $17 billion of student loan debt has been forgiven, and his next few plans, which cap income at which forgiveness would be extended, will get close to that.

Blanketing it to everyone isn't received well by many voters and with inflation, it looks like foot shooting to me to do more.

And yes to the rest, too. I'll give you an example.

Not very many people want no police. They do want good police and accountable police.

Further, the idea that police don't prevent crime is odd and I've seen that bobbing around on social media.

I'm not excited about it, but there was a mass shooting near me a few years ago. No, they didn't predict it would happen. Who would? But they did show up and prevent more crime and death that day and one lost their own life directly walking into the line of fire.

I don't see a lot of other people signing up for that.


I wondered if people have a opinion about subscribing to some of the Substack newsletters. I run across lots of them, some bad and some good.
I read Heather Cox Richardson's newsletter.
And the late Eric Boehlert wrote the Press Run newsletter.
Any other recommendations.

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Got my mail-in ballot for Oregon's May 17th election.

The return envelope is postage-paid, and can be postmarked by 8 pm on election day.

In addition to primaries, there are a few local races and ballot measures up for vote.

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The press greatly fails us on this. That's another thing we talk about a lot. Recently losing Eric Boehlert's voice won't help this matter.

One of the reasons voters are unaware of the positive impact of the American Rescue Plan, for example, is the fact that there has been a lack of media coverage about it. There have been very little coverage that describes in detail the potential multiplier effect on communities Biden's plan has had on people's lives.

Additionally, not the D's voting against controlling med costs, against covid funding, against voter protection laws, against infrastructure, against climate change mitigation, against qualified justices, and against alternative energy.


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Personally, I am tired of the extreme statements, abusive interference with others, and self-righteousness of anti-choice activists. In what universe is bringing on one's period or terminating an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy the same thing as "killing one's own child?" When did female U.S. citizens lose their right to privacy?

We already have laws to protect children; what happened to protecting American girls and young women from having their most personal, intimate medical decisions exposed to their neighbors and overruled by their government? What gives "pro-life" people the right to barge their way into the private lives of others?

This whole thing makes me sick.

Kentucky abortion law blocked in win for clinics:

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@TonyStark Since the 2016 hack of the RNC must have been an amazing treasure trove of kompromat for Putin. He says jump and they say how high. The GOP no longer play for Team America.

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It's kind of a less adequate sum-up on my part at this point, but "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" comes to mind.

Getting out the word of the achievements of the Biden administration is a task we enjoy and find important in this community. I and others often post about it.

Expecting is good. Undermining successes isn't and people who don't at least acknowledge what the administration has done and is doing likely won't be happy in this community.

That said, for voters I've encountered, the "could be worse so please show up" does work for some. I wouldn't say it's the only or best approach, but it's also not the worst in my opinion.

@Mnemoscat @blexasfren

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Wrote some postcards today for a local race in California, for Postcards to Voters.

I've done phone banking, and the ROI is terrible. It consistently took an hour of making calls to speak to two or three real people. I don't know if this is better or not, but I feel like a postcard you can stick on your fridge is a more tangible reminder to vote.

#politics #progressive #PostcardsToVoters

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We should get rid of surveillance ads because they expose us to all kinds of risks - leaks, police fishing expeditions, digital discrimination and more. But publishers should support getting rid of surveillance ads because it a switch to contextual ads will make them (lots) more money.


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