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really though i am so fucking congested this is the worst breath play i've ever engaged in

Me, petulantly, to no one in particular: "but i AM taylor swift"

NYC gets this reputation for being a 24 hr busy busy awake city but it's actually in a lot of ways much less convenient at late night because everywhere else you can just drive to a strip of 24 hour huge box stores and fast food and shit, but here you have to take the train or bus to each individual item you want because there's only like, one or two 24 hr options in the whole city for any given thing.

There was also a fantastic presentation on cuttlefish being bisexual icons that I couldn't get pics of. This show was great. I thought of @swirlz while watching it. Alix is also great.

Went to a biodiversity themed comedy night last night, every comedian did a set with a power point about a Flora or fauna of their choice. Some highlights.

Petting a really cute stray dog that I met outside until someone asks me why i'm telling a shrub it's a good boy.

My body is trying to sweat the disease out and it's not working I'm just even less happy than before, body, why you do me wrong like this.

Love to get sick just in time for my vacation time

birthday selfies, eye contact, boosts good 

Saw a dude bragging he's been "professionally trained on choking chicks" in...a flash game chatroom. Anyway, I'm gonna keep that energy.

My political philosophy is based on the pando tree, we stand separately but share the same roots and ind action is taken for the good of the whole system.

That or we tie everyone's feet together

ground floor apartments near college resident areas are the. .absolute. worst.

Saw a lady eat a whole lobster under 5 minutes while a PowerPoint behind her told us lobster facts and occasionally pictures of the lady's poo from that morning.

It was a biodiversity themed comedy night.

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