@eject i've onyl known of it as like, a bag of soil i buy for gardening.

@AngryCvilleian @eject could very well be i only overheard it and i guess i can see some accents doing it, ty.

@eject "I know we're going to your moms for dinner, but I'm going to bring some of my homemade curry sauce for her chicken" "you're a bit of a swod"

@truckfreak this does not make sense in the context either, it meant like, bougie? pretentious? foodie? yuppie? something like that i think.

what does it mean when british people say "swod" it's important

@JohnBrownJr her father carved her from enchanted wood nearly half a century ago, and she still hasn't proven to Jeff she's a real girl.

@nutt @wintgenstein @deidara I think he tried to sing on cardi as well but she made a statement about being a blood but not from his set. That said I can't tell what's s joke anymore.

Boost this like it's a selfie I'm feeling too much of a phlegm rascal to actually post one tho.

@kittybecca what does tucute actually stand for/where does the word come from

just look at this panel... a guy making shooting noises to himself while shooting a gun... it's so fucking good

I woke up coughing and feeling bad and then my chinchilla like sat her weight on my chest and cooed and then curled up on my shoulder/arm and like kissed me and cleaned my hair and we don't deserve animals I love her so much.

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