In my third and final @swirlz day ritual, I offer this short video of the best chinchilla ever taking a bath. Bonus fact - chinchillas will perish if you get their fur wet, so they take dust baths like birds!

Per 100, became "p 100", and eventually people just extended the "p" descender as a line through the zeroes in lieu of a "1" (imagine "p 0/0" but the 'p' tail attached to the '/')

Out of sheer laziness, we then landed on '%'!

In further celebration of @swirlz day, please appreciate this selfie

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I forget who the baseball posters on here @neoncoughh , @Pixley ? but this is a very important photo I had not seen until today.

Feeling extremely blessed to have @bewitchyourmind and @muppetbutler both convey my visage with their immense artistic talents

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There was also a fantastic presentation on cuttlefish being bisexual icons that I couldn't get pics of. This show was great. I thought of @swirlz while watching it. Alix is also great.

Went to a biodiversity themed comedy night last night, every comedian did a set with a power point about a Flora or fauna of their choice. Some highlights.

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