I've asked this before but can someone please explain this to me it is apparently me

@Jewbacchus honestly Cap Sun Libra Asc reads like you keep trying to pursue your own needs and solve your own problems but keep getting muddled up and focusing on group needs/problems instead, too me


if you used astro.cafeastrology it should explain everything part by part a little below your chart? but you gotta scroll kind of a lot. the only thing i know is capricorns are v hardworking and have a reputation for being really responsible???

@blxckberrying i read the paragraphs under but it was hard to tell if there was like, a hierarchy? like do all those things have equal dominion over me or something? if not it seemed like, idk, a lot.


ahh im sorry for assuming!! i think more than them all having equal dominion they more work together? like your sun sign is a basic overview of your personality but your moon sign is more your inner self / your emotions? and then your ascending sign is how people see you / the impressions you give / your more immediate reactions?

@Jewbacchus it means that there were stars in the sky when you were born. this is good. rejoice.

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