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I've asked this before but can someone please explain this to me it is apparently me

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I drop all my papers on the floor, flustered I drop to my hands and knees trying to collect them, comically they keep blowing away and slipping. A gentle wet noise grabs my attention and I look up. I see a hand holding all my (neatly organized and collated) papers, I blush and thank the sentient ground beef golem. They, at least I think they, laugh and speckle my glasses with finely marbled protein oddment and I suddenly know who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

(Meat Cute)

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My robotic Italian chef is really putting the "tomato" in "automaton"

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Gay club culture is so confusing. Drama over stolen bundles for two days and I still don't know if it's about hair or dope.

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I'm committed to rarely or never changing my display name and not entirely happy about it, or looking up the message space

The world is so ugly right now I should never leave this fucking app

yeah Amber had a bigger name, but the poodle (a mini) has no chill and eventually starts yipping excitedly when the meal is over can we discuss Eureka and Jackee because wow

I've thought about it a lot and I have to say that dirt is the main reason Mastodon continues to survive, we should all thank her for her tireless efforts

Do you need help to understand which operating systems and services are privacy, security, and freedom friendly? Let this excellent graph guide you. #Linux #GNU #privacy #FOSS #STEM #Women #WomenInTech

I cannot overstate how much I love and value my friends with whom I can simply state "this conversation seems unproductive, is it cool if we discontinue it?" and they are extremely happy to say "yeah bro please."

@Jewbacchus @thegibson Al Roker can try, but I'll be over here, getting everything I need from the Local on the 8s on a television tuned to 1999.

That's how much shit Al Roker is full of.

You'd think this cough is from smoking 3 packs a day but it's actually from snorting dried up resin and constantly tasting the drip

@milkyiwei once a year I have to taste my shampoo and sugar scrubs to remind myself they're not food

How can I respect someone if i've never even spected them???

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