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My robotic Italian chef is really putting the "tomato" in "automaton"

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What's better than buns in crowns? Buns in flower crowns

Doctor doctor give me the lumbs, I've got a bad case of being numb.

Got a 0 on the rice rest bc I had sex with my grandfather, who happens to be a Blue Whale. Was arrested for it by a pig.

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aaaaaand we're officially out of estradiol...
and I still have that loan to pay by the 26th.

I know I've been shaking the tin can a lot this month but I need it

anything helps

just took the worst fuckin nap but i'm glad everyone is still cute and nice

I'm blocking everyone that doesn't fave my lewds.

Timing my afternoon wank so I finish at exactly 2:59pm when the church bells are playing ode to Joy

Is there a gender neutral for deity that's still sexy? Deity feels distinctly unsexy but God/Goddess feels very gendered.

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