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I've asked this before but can someone please explain this to me it is apparently me

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I drop all my papers on the floor, flustered I drop to my hands and knees trying to collect them, comically they keep blowing away and slipping. A gentle wet noise grabs my attention and I look up. I see a hand holding all my (neatly organized and collated) papers, I blush and thank the sentient ground beef golem. They, at least I think they, laugh and speckle my glasses with finely marbled protein oddment and I suddenly know who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

(Meat Cute)

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My robotic Italian chef is really putting the "tomato" in "automaton"

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Hello everyone I am well but I am just abstaining from internet as much as I possibly can and doing school real hard hope you are well ok love you bye.

Especially thinking about a group therapy session where someone was yelling at me bc imo they were projecting a lot of shitty men in their life onto me, and then I shut down at that and just stonewalled/ignored them, repeating "i can't talk to you unless you stop yelling, please calm down so i can engage, i can't talk to you" which upset them even more. Like, I just wanted to disengage, but my disengagement caused her pain, but her engagement caused me to avoid, etc, etc.

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Swirling some thoughts on how being able to unplug/detach/avoid (with fewer consequences) is a privilege, that privileges are often things we should all have so it's not always the case that people shouldn't access their privilege, and as always coming down to where is the boundary/limit for telling others what they should do/feel.

I feel like I come down to the general situation of "stop doing nothing" vs "stop telling me do things" and when it's okay to be on one side or the other of that.

Cultural ownership of very common foods is a weird thing to me. Who invented pizza? It's flat bread with toppings. Everyone invented it.

Mad I couldn't get pictures of it but I was just hanging out with my corn snake and he managed to get in between my pony tail and my hair band so I had a snake knot at the base of my tail and I felt like Bushwick medusa.

i've invented a new conlang no matter what you say in any language, in my new language the translation is "please love me"

"I" on the other hand am a perfect being handcrafted by god's whispering tit and I have never acted out of character.

"you" don't exist "you" are just a vessel for a series of loosely correlated actions and reactions spurred on by an elaborate and erratically organized network of salty electric bacon!

i have been reading about old accounts of demonic possession and thinking about how that maps onto our current understanding of mental illness and it is funny how similar "my mental illness made me do it" and "the devil made me do it" are

Thank you @Cyborgneticz and @swirlz for keeping me company while i try not to fall asleep on camera today I am 100% sure I will be doing this again next week.

oh god it's just been 90 minutes of aimless kvetching about the trump admin please i'm begging let this not be the whole semester.

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Now it's "I'll be doggone" so I'm going to assume this is a Gaye playlist.

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Joined 5 min late for our first online class today and no one's screens are on and Marvin Gaye/Tammy Terell You're All I Need To Get By is playing loud from the professor's square I will consider this a good omen.

the best food competition show is Cutthroat Kitchen because it is just balls. It's a macguyver and bidding strategy game. Cooking barely matters. Sales skills are more relevant. All of the contestants are complete idiots. I love it.

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