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I've asked this before but can someone please explain this to me it is apparently me

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I drop all my papers on the floor, flustered I drop to my hands and knees trying to collect them, comically they keep blowing away and slipping. A gentle wet noise grabs my attention and I look up. I see a hand holding all my (neatly organized and collated) papers, I blush and thank the sentient ground beef golem. They, at least I think they, laugh and speckle my glasses with finely marbled protein oddment and I suddenly know who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

(Meat Cute)

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My robotic Italian chef is really putting the "tomato" in "automaton"

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You must be a self driving car bc you drive me crazy

how one would say "to shitpost" in yiddish (poll results discussion) 

the poll showed that דרעקפּאָסטן (drekpostn) was slightly more popular than קאַקפּאָסטן (kakpostn). only one person voted for shitpostn.

to everyone who voted: !אַ דאַנק

i feel like the connotations of דרעק as worthless refuse encapsulate the meaning of shitposting well, so that's the word I'll use going forward 💩

#yiddish #linguistics #ייִדיש

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Spring cleaning aka Getting ready to apologize to everyone I guiltily avoided during my winter depression

I wanna be in a darkroom again those places are v cool

Just realized I named the new cat Benjamin but my cousin also just had a kid and named it Benjamin earlier this year so I'm changing Ben's name to Pangur Ban

No one's allowed to write any more papers along the lines of "this topic is complex and requires a new vocabulary to be addressed. Without agreed upon vocabulary we will never fix these problems. In conclusion until everyone uses the following unwieldy labels I've published behind an academic paywall we will never end racism."

Idk what it means but I have 0 tolerance for cringe lately. Just full covering my eyes whenever it's on tv.

I'm gonna end as many sentences with prepositions as I can when I'm in charge of words

So there's all these journals dedicated to topology but I can't find a single publisher for my bottomology research??

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