Getting a little better with my skills. Made this sushi serving board for a friend.

Dropped it off with them today and they were thrilled. I'm certainly not Nick Offerman, but maybe someday.... what am i looking at here? i guess the base piece is carved out and then other pieces are inlaid? cool stuff

@natalie Yep! The base is Mahogany and the inlays are Maple, Cherry and Walnut.

@JamieNasiatka oh fuck yeah that's beautiful. Looks like a lamp. I guess lamps can slay demons.

@JamieNasiatka That's a really fine looking board. Very neatly done.

Nice board!
It reminds me a pendulum board my dad made for a medium some decades ago. Quite the same design but the "sun" and the "rays" which were made from a copper sheet.

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