Follow i now have a punkt MP-02 phone real nice device u can use it as a hotspot for laptops tablets etc etc

@Jameshjacksonjr that phone is so beautiful!

i would WANT to start making more phone calls again.

@Jameshjacksonjr i'm reading their website, so they are just selling a phone and you install one of the open OSes supported?

is that right?

@tootbrute those are the choices so far more will be coming its not a phone its a wifi device think of it like a ipod touch vs a iphone so u use it on wifi or tether it so i have a phone for calls and ill use this on wifi

@Jameshjacksonjr ah I c. Probably need to get one with 3G

Librem5 or sailfish on Sony experia

@tootbrute i have sailfishOS on a sony as my daily driver the necuno will just a device for me to play with if i even get one i personallyi recommend you get.sailfishOS on a sony as.your daily driver is more feature.complete and has android 8.1 runtime for.running apps u may need nor avail as native sailfish apps

@tootbrute no you pick.what OS u want they preinstall it and u can switch it to another one on your own or u can choose no OS on it and install what u want when u get it

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