Last #boardgame played in 2018: #7Wonders. May your world in the upcoming year be filled with wonders big and small, and #boardgames galore! #HappyNewYear

Last release of #Mastalab for 2018. 1.62.0

- Follow Misskey instances
- XMPP links and emails open with external applications (in custom fields)
- Custom icons for videos & GIF media
- Empty spaces for hidden NSFW in art timelines are fixed

Coolest christmas thing to do in the Netherlands: visit the Church in The Hague that is entering its 9th week of holding uninterrupted 24/7 church services to prevent the police from entering the building and deporting a refugee family.
The church always needs at least one visitor to legally be in service so a time like 5 AM is the very best moment to come show your solidarity.

@leszek do you still use your keyone and key2 devices and what do you still think of them??

You know that a monopoly has been attained when people refer to a generic practice with a specific name.

For example asking how gmail works instead of how email works; search in Google instead of search the web; asking for WhatsApp number instead of phone number, etc.,

It is also when we realize the dangers of it and sense the need to fight back the monopolies.

Google asked a writer to make a presentation for their employees to then broadcast and monetize for free.

He would have been the only person in the room not being paid.

This is everywhere. People wanna consume writers’ work, but don’t wanna pay them enough to eat.

@innovation do you know if anyone is working on a client for #Librem5 ?

Every time I look at the #Librem5 I get more hyped about it. This isn’t normal for me. I guess in this case it’s completely justifiable. It’s everything I could ever want in a phone and more. @Purism is doing some incredible work!

#introduction #introductions (2of 2)

I enjoy #TV & #movies immensely. Some of my favorites (besides Star Trek) are #Firefly, the new #BSG, #TheLastAirbender, & #Buffy

I'm very passionate about #FOSS & #privacy. My next phone is going to be the #Librem5.

I am an ethical #vegan for life.

I love to read #books (mostly fantasy)

There's a lot more about me, but that's definitely long enough. If you want to know more, just ask!

Give me a follow if you're interested and don't be afraid to @ me.

Beyond the annoying notifications themselves, the much scarier thing is the vendor pushing anything they want on you, whenever they want, because it is them who really own access to your phone. SO, even if you trust your phone now, that may not be the same phone tomorrow, after the NSA came knocking, or business priorities changed, and you'll be none the wiser.

The #Librem5 really couldn't come soon enough.

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