if you need a scientific paper and it's paywalled, the first thing you can try to do is email one of the authors.

"As an author, I am thrilled when people want to read my papers. I am allowed to send copies to you upon request and I will happily do so if you just email me to ask."

holly witteman has an entire post about getting access to paywalled papers: holly.witteman.ca/index.php/20

Or check google scholar's list of other versions and find the preprint or most recent working paper

@Iuckyduck The best thing you can do as an author is publish open access or deposit your a copy of your paper in a repository -- either your institutional one or a disciplinary one (arXiv, SocArXiv, etc). This way there is a *permanent* freely available version. Less work answering emails + more equity!

@Iuckyduck This is great, but good emails take time and effort, which is often too much of an investment if you just want to scan a paper to see if it's even relevant. Especially if you have to repeat that for 10 other papers.

@MatejLach that's why i said if you _need_ it. it's an option that most people wouldn't even think of.

besides, most paywalled papers have a summary that can usually help people decide if it's a paper that will be relevant to their study.

@Iuckyduck Sure, I think it's a great advice, that's why I boosted it, I just think it needs to be automated, see my toot: social.matej-lach.me/@MatejLac

@MatejLach there's a reply in this thread that talks about something like this. it's about a few toots up.

@Iuckyduck Yes please! Not that I'm under any illusions about who'd want to read my papers ...

@Iuckyduck I also like the people who just dump their papers onto their University hosting

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