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if you're like me and can't stand that "Filtered" bit when something's been filtered out of your tl, here's the CSS that will get rid of it:

.status__wrapper.status__wrapper--filtered {
display: none!important;

add it to stylus or to the custom css you're using.

have fun!

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don't forget that every day is a great day to stick it to the man! β˜•

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mfw he gets me the 14" stainless steel collector's sphere versus the 17" stainless steel collector's globe

The projectβ€”"Sonic cheese: experience between sound and gastronomy"β€”hopes to show that the power of music can influence the development, characteristics and even flavour of the cheese.

Good morning!~

You have the fiery heart of a dragon.
You have the sharp eyes of an owlbear.
You have the cunning brain of a devil.

Man you are one terrifying chimera. Go out there and conquer the world, it should be simple enough.

~Your Bard, currently hiding under the bar

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Please sign my petition to make life like Stardew Valley and make it so we can all live in inexplicably economically-viable towns of like 20 people who are all down to help with each others' bullshit.

drew this frog for school. based off frog picture on the right

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I don't care about follows/clout/etc on the verse. What matters is the interactions, the forging of friendships and how a group of people can make your hour/day/week feel special.

As a whole social media has become a monster, it's lost the social and become more about shouting into the void.

Here on the verse the void not only shouts back, it boosts you, comforts you, chats and laughs with you, helps you and much, much more.

Toxicity has the potential to poison every platform eventually, but so long as we push it out, de-federate its origin and quarantine it through isolation to the fringes, the verse will always feel like home.

This has been my TED talk, thank you for listening, keep being awesome. πŸš€

yay i did the thing

i haven't done typography or layout in forever so this probably looks like hot garbage but WHATEVER i needed to do something fun

#art #MastoArt #design

anyway i'm extremely disappointed they didn't get gilbert gottfried to voice pikachu

maybe the greatest contribution I will ever make to the world of art

hannah if ur out there pls dm me pls boost to help me locate my soul mate

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