I will wait in the one human checkout line in this fucking store for half an hour if I have to

So, tonight I saw someone working at [big box store x] who I realized used to work at [big box store y]; I don’t know them other than through occasional interaction as a customer. But they’ve transitioned and they look fucking *great*, and I’m so happy for them.

It is friday, the death march project I've been working on for weeks is under control-ish, it's a beautiful spring day outside, and my brain is beyond checked out at this point.

@ajroach42 @Ethancdavenport have you seen Graham Nelson's Inform 6 (which compiles to Z-machine code) and the Inform 7 project (which also compiles to Z-code, and is an attempt at a natural style language for coding interactive fiction. If I understand it correctly, Inform 7 is actually sort of a pre-processor that compiles to Inform 6.)

I wrote a small game in Inform 6 years ago, and it was a lot friendlier than ZIL looks :)

cat: i'm hungry, I'm gonna walk around and chew on shit so you'll pay attention to me
me: you've got food in your dish, it's right there on the other side of the room
cat: *chewing on plastic, clawing stuff*
me: *picks asshole cat up, carries them 8 feet across the room, puts them in front of his dish*
cat: Wow, thanks mister!

What is the best kind of french fry?

the slack /remind command is a double-edged sword. I'm going to get approximately 327 'remind me next week' pings Monday morning at 9:00

@breakfastgolem what pushes this over the top for me is the 'El Pollo Loco' sign in the background

listening to wilco and feelin' like a bland white dad*

* (I like wilco)

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