is it an introvert vs extrovert thing, a peeve 

i hear the twain a comin, it's rolling round the bend
i hope everyone on there, will want to be my fremd :)

wholesome prison blues - jomny cash

i've hidden multiple human hearts under my floorboards, and i haven't heard a single thing. edgar allan poe is full of shit

I'm getting back into (got a proper set of cutting tools for my birthday, hooray) after a while and I wish this series of videos by Diode Press had been around the first time I was tinkering with linocut. It's really excellent.

@Pixley @horrowfide My mom's family is from there so I am biased, but Portland is the best! And depending on timing Old Orchard Beach is great in a "seaside honky tonk fried dough and poutine tourist trap" sort of way. (Labor Day is somewhat the last hurrah, although I think a lot of the shops stay open a while longer, and IIRC the amusement park and arcades stay open weekends through Indigenous Peoples' day.)

Request for Resources 

@horrowfide @Pixley Portland Maine (and particularly Pine Point beach in Scarborough a few miles south) is super nice and home to the International Cryptozoology Museum. Also nearby is Two Lights state park with amazing dramatic surf when the tide comes in and tidal pools when the tide goes out, just down the coast from Winslow Homer’s studio

@swirlz I’m never sure if my toots just get lost in the TL because nobody happens to be on at that moment, or if people just skim, say “whatever dude” and keep scrolling

@stunt_bird but how else am I supposed to dub MP3s from my computer's headphone jack to my tape deck line in?

i was assigned geek at birth but now i’m extremely cool so. there’s a trans success story for you

@regnskog I'm in mostly the same boat about the actual music making part, but I can recommend Berklee College's of Music's "Technology of Music Production" course on Coursera (

Specifically week 6, which is an introduction to analog synthesis. The rest of the course is very good too, and I believe you can still audit stuff on Coursera for free (you have to pay if you want to get an official certificate for completing it)

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to start learning how to make music with synthesisers? I can’t find any good tutorials but I have a Volca keys. It seems reasonable to me to start with what I have and work from there.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookie, Consuming itself: Oreoboros

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