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A little disappointed that the NYT quiz doesn't ask "what do you call driving around in circles in a car", because that is the best highly specific vernacular ever. (via

Me, eating a grinder and drinking a frappe, planning a trip to the package store later: Why yes, most of my ancestors have been in New England since the 1600s, why do you ask?

Just finished the first stage of a major infrastructure project last night, an elevated, 2.4km long platform around the border of a mob-free zone. Took about 10 months of on-and-off solowork.

Next step, two rail loops; one for a non-stop scenic round-trip, one with stops at regular intervals around the border.

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I'm too lazy to actually photoshop this to say "The Original BOFA", but I think it every time I see the package

Halloween decoration still kicking around in a corner of my local indie donut shop. This is probably how I would run a donut shop tbh

I’m still not crazy about the goth head the previous owner put on this banjo, but this did make for kind of a neat photo.

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