Feel like shit, just want them back (retro computing) 

Hey @Louisa look what I just found in an 1877 banjo instruction book, I'm gonna work on it

me, cramming shit into my desk drawer instead of properly dealing with it

Love when sleeping a little late (usually fine in telecommuteland) snowballs into the whole morning getting fucked

As I took my glasses off and put them on the nightstand last night, one of the lenses fell out. Being perfectly round, there's no good way to put it back in and be certain the focal point is aligned/oriented correctly.

I have a backup pair but don't usually wear them daily because they make the tops of my ears sore. Meanwhile, eye appointment in 3 months, so it's hard to justify ordering new ones in the meantime, even though they're cheap zenni frames.

Anyway, good morning

2019 selfies 

2019 selfies 

Feeling like I may be on the verge of reclaiming enough space to have my theremin set up and accessible enough to work at regularly

This is peak blustery Masshole behavior. It helps if you imagine him talking to the police in the "Holy shit jay, it's a baby fackin whaeeeeel" voice

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