has anyone written a mastodon client for the cybiko yet

oh, huh - I guess the cybiko was more successful than I realized, but suffered the same fate as all late 1990s/early aughts PDAs when cheap cell phones became a thing.

When I worked at Stan Lee's doomed web startup, there was a half-baked, galaxy-brained cockamamie plan for a non-Marvel Stan Lee theme park where guests could carry a cybiko around and chat with other guests (and I think maybe there would be AR content?) It never happened of course.

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Well, shiver me timbers, TIL that Stan Lee Media's flagship property, "The Seventh Portal" actually did get licensed by Paramount theme parks and turned into a VR ride, apparently after the company as I knew it imploded in late 2000.

It looks every bit as bad, even by early 2000s standards, as I would have expected

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@ItsTheManOnTheMoon I have three cybikos and apparently the apis are out there, sooo

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon for real though i don't have the energy to do it right now but someday maybe.

THere's a major issue i think with networking on them though since they are to say aged is a gigantic understatement. It'd probably be more worthwhile to replace the computer inside with an ESP32 which would be modern and work well, and is pleanty powerful enough to replace the functionality.

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon But also Iguess you could just implement all the hard stuff in a separate ESP32 that is used as a proxy/base station (it probably has enough horsepower to implement the networking as a soft radio with minimal parts)

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon (for context they talk to each other with a simple but clever UHF(i think) network protocol that has like smart mesh routing and stuff)

@chaomodus Yeah, I only spent a couple of days with one but I remember the main selling point was the local mesh networking; actual wifi was still relatively new and expensive at the time

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon I forgot entirely about these things. I used to get them and psion confused in reading, back when, because I had never seen either in person and the names share some sounds.

What was the deal with this thing? Can it be made to do anything cool?

@ajroach42 They were in that weird early 2000s window of "handheld devices are fairly affordable but smart phones and ubiquitous WiFi aren't a thing yet" gadgets.

I only got to fool around with one for a day or two and assumed they were kind of a dud, but I guess they were actually pretty successful for a couple of years before cell phones got cheap.

Dunno if there's a hacker aftermarket for them.

@ajroach42 @ItsTheManOnTheMoon Cybiko offered a SDK for them, and they used off-the-shelf hardware (including the RF side!) with datasheets available, IIRC, so yeah, they got applied to all sorts of stuff

IIRC they even were hacked for some amateur radio stuff (because the US ones ran in the 900 MHz ISM band, which is shared with 900 MHz amateur radio)

@ajroach42 @ItsTheManOnTheMoon …I had one as a kid because “hey, a cheap PDA for kids and it has wireless features!”, and then never found anyone with one to ever use the wireless

@bhtooefr @ajroach42 yeah, when the dot com I was working at at the time was looking at maybe making content/apps for Cybiko we were all pretty underwhelmed because most of the hype was around the wireless features, and the company had only bought one of them to let devs fool around with

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