god damn it, I'm back on my "sure, I could learn ragtime piano" bullshit again

I am 45 goddamned years old and have never seriously studied piano in my life, nor do I have a keyboard suitable for learning on, nor can I afford piano lessons right now, shut the fuck UP brain

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The "learn piano" bug has has been biting me every year or two for at least 10 years now. Hard enough this time that I'm making medium-long term plans to finally make a proper go of it (vs my usual fuck around for a couple of nights and get frustrated at my shitty keyboard and not really knowing where to properly start because no teacher)

God help me, I'm sneaking glances at "free" pianos on craigslist even though I *know* they are usually as cursed as Krusty's trampoline (CW cartoon gun)

I'm splitting the difference and investing in an actual keyboard stand for the M-Audio Keystation 49e that a friend gave me 15 years ago. (He got excited about GarageBand when it was first release, never did anything with it) In all that time it's never had a proper/dedicated setup; I'll clean off my desk once or twice a year and fool around with it, but the height's bad and it's impermanent and just not conducive to anything, and spends most of its time leaning in one corner or another.

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I also dug up the Udemy "Piano For All" course I bought for $10 during one of my last gonna-learn-piano manic episodes. I hadn't gotten very far last time, but reading through the early lessons I dig the pedagogy. (Course descriptions carry on about "playing by ear" but I think the lessons will trick people into learning more theory than they realize) udemy.com/course/pianoforall-i

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@ItsTheManOnTheMoon going to try and Do The Thing; logged a block of piano practice time (I mean, literally logged it, started a new journal to track how much time I spend and what I work on), not quite as deliberate/focused as I'd like but it will be better when my keyboard has a dedicated space where I can play it at the right height.

I'm already chafing against the springy key action; I spent enough time dinking around with my mom's real piano growing up to miss the tactile feedback.

Also, even with the cheesy keys and my current potato coordination playing a sampled instrument via my ipad, the expressiveness of piano is legit intimidating compared to banjo.

Banjo can be made to sound quite lovely and expressive in its way --listen to anything by Alfred Cammeyer-- but it is simply not capable of the sustain or softness that a piano is.

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