the greatest trick apple ever pulled was convincing people there was anything wrong with the 3.5mm headphone jack that had been a standard for 100+ years

(second-greatest trick: convincing people that of course it makes sense to may $200 for a pair of shitty earbuds with unreplaceable batteries.)

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@ItsTheManOnTheMoon everyone knows apples trendy and apple says wires are bad
and now all our devices will communicate, charge, and do everything with bluetooth
even display by beaming radiation directly into our minds

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon I loved reading all the articles talking about how genius it was (and specifically how wrong the detractors were) because of the success of the air pods and how "Apple was right" and not like Apple simply created a problem and then created a very lucrative solution for the problem.

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon It's not just fucking apple, it's a scam all the cell phone manufacturers got in on. I haven't had a headphone jack in more than two years and I have adapters and I am still mad about it ALL THE TIME.

These fucking marketing bots were like "it's an old standard!" yeah so are PAPER and THE WHEEL you fucking fucks, you just want to sell us $150 bluetooth earbuds.

@lindentreeisle @ItsTheManOnTheMoon we should all collectively stop caring about the world and sequester ourselves in tech communes so that amadisney can ruin the entire world and when the unwashed masses come pounding on our vault... We can tell them to fuck off.

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon I've actually made my cell phone choice baised off of still having a headphone jack (and I do use Bluetooth headphones sometimes, but for seeing as I wear headphones over 9 hours a day at work I'm not using Bluetooth)

@whiskeysailor yeah, I'm clinging to my iPhone SE for dear life. (my other major peeve is the "of course everyone wants a phone that's the size of a trade paperback, why would anyone want a device they can comfortably hold and use with one hand?" giant phone trend)

Will probably jump to one of the handful of androids that still has an analog jack when the time comes.

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @whiskeysailor I'm admittedly a sucker for The Big Phone, but fuck the lack of jacks.

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon of course there's something wrong with it: you can't DRM control a 3.5mm jack

and who knows what's really at the other side? could be a recording device!

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