Junk mail is a great way to preserve the mystique and cachet of your secret society.

(also a great way to out your members, which granted isn't much of a concern in the US, but seems kind of gauche)

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When your secret society is so secret that the domain on your junk mail doesn't work

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@anarchiv He's the Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts and he gets to wear a tricorn hat because of reasons

@anarchiv 1) give up all of your other hobbies and social outlets, because you're going to have to join a lot of clubs and do a lot of schmoozing

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon I actually wanted to become a freemason about 6 years ago, I read everything about it #SouvlakiTour

@anarchiv I'm a freemason (past master, even) but I've pulled a major fade and will probably leave altogether unless things change dramatically in the next couple of years, it is an overwhelmingly old, white, christian, all-male organization that does not seem to be even remotely capable of/willing to join the 20th century, much lest the 21st

i need to get a refund for the 30 pounds i paid, this was supposed to be a secret

@frickhaditcoming technically this is true; regular lodges (which only confer degrees 1-3) are not supposed to recruit, although MA has fudged that policy a bit in recent years. Once you reach the 3º all bets are off and the Scottish Rite (who have their own 4º-33º) and York Rite (who have a whole other set of degrees) and the Shriners come gunning for you because they're all desperate for members

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon i honestly dont know much about it all i know is my grandfather was one for a really fucking long time and and a bunch of shit of theirs they took when he died and at the funeral they all came dressed up and thought i was one and got confused that i didnt know what they were saying to me because i wasnt one

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