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*slaps roof of catacomb* this bad boy can fit so many casks of amontillado in it

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I was raised on a steady diet of Looney Tunes, MAD Magazine and Doctor Demento

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Well I've heard there was a secret stash
of amontillado in a cask
but you don't really care for sherry, do you?

(Image description: A minecraft server spawn. Jack Olanterns are here and there, and a large cobblestone colossus is standing in the distance holding a sword)

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tfw you log onto your five-year old community minecraft server for the first time in a while 🥰

Of the people. By the people. For the people. Papa John's

Don’t do what thou won’tst shall be the whole of the law

I cannot read the phrase "jibber-jabber" without hearing Mister T shout it in my head. I think this is due to 20 year old television commercial

fuuuck I procrastinated replying to a craigslist music community post long enough that it's no longer on the site, which I didn't even realize was a thing that happens

Ah, cool; the seller agreed to my proposed refund, so I get to keep the thing. Turns it into a pretty good deal even if I wind up parting the thing out

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I wasn't "robbing a grave" your honor, I was shooting an unboxing video.

It's a bit of an oddball instrument; it's got better tuners and tailpiece than you'd expect for an unbranded 1930s-40s pearloid-clad instrument. I couldn't tell from the photos, but my hunch that it would have a tone ring was right. Looks like some kind of tubaphone variant.

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