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: During the late unpleasantness I saw a lot of people saying stuff like "If only there were a way I could block specific words or phrases from my timelines... you know, like a filter!"

There *is*. It's under Preferences > Filters, and it will make your life better.

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- formerly Usonian on twitter, metafilter, and elsewhere. New England nerd/banjoist/haberdasher. I don’t see myself getting super into this, but at least there are no nazis.

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*in the wake of the 2016 election*

liberals: this may be a dark time, but at least we can look forward to a flourishing of art and culture in the years to come.

*2 years later*

New college courses by a neural net trained on the @UCSanDiego course catalog. I would at least read the syllabus for some of these.

Found in image search results for "cheap trick dream police cosplay:"

Might fuck around later and put together a Cheap Trick Dream Police cosplay outfit

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Kids, one day you’ll grow up and you’ll think about poking your head into Spencer Gifts* for old times’ sake, and you’ll feel like such a narc that you want to leave the mall altogether.

*I guess it’s just “Spencer’s” now? Just put me on an ice floe and send me on my way, thanks.

my milkshake brings Daniel Plainview to my neighbor's yard

Still hoping to find a Masto instance for makers, crafters, creators.

In 1994 I spent a summer working in a CCM warehouse, which is how I came to acquire a pair of decent ice skates for basically free.

I never once actually put them on, much less learned how to skate or play hockey.

I finally just got around to listing them on ebay.

I understand my grandparents' depression era "HANG ON TO IT, IT'S PERFECTLY GOOD" mentality, but I really wish they hadn't passed it in to my mom, who in turn passed it on to me.

Experiencing my usual conflicting emotions at the first couple of chilly "I guess it's autumn for real" days

When I fave and boost people in thread I'm not a part of

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