changing my legal name to Norton Antivirus and tricking old people into giving me money

When boomers say, "No matter how you voted, we're all Americans and we should all try to get along!" what they mean is "But you always *used* to put up with my racist bigoted bullshit at Thanksgiving in the name of preserving harmony!"

Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

Reeves Gabrel's guitar solo on Bowie's "Looking for Satellites" gets me right in the feels every. single. time. It's so f***ing good.

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As an Old who lived through the misery of the cassette tape era, I get grouchy whenever I hear about Kids These Days recording/releasing music on cassettes because it's retro-cool; "Why would you do that! The only shittier possible audio format is 8 track!"

Then I realize that photographers of the mid-late 19th century would be just as annoyed by my long-running infatuation with wet plate collodion photography.

Could God create a CVS receipt so long that even *he* couldn’t fit it in the garbage on his way out of the store?

Yes, I’m voting for all these worthless piece of shit candidates, now leave me the fuck alone

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I think this is the year I finally buy a light therapy device, because it's not even 4:30PM and already getting dark because it's cloudy, and fuck this.

Happy seasonal depression night to all my fellow US tooters

#novembeat day 3, with apologies to Mr. Satie. TIL that 16 bars is really not enough for a gymnopédie style piece. (Also, I have only the slightest idea what I'm doing in terms of more formal composition.)

Is it just me, or when you take a pair of tongs out of the kitchen utility instrument drawer, do you just have to tap the tips together a couple times on the way to the stove?

It's the Day of the Dead, and I'd like to watch Coco again. It was an amazing, beautiful film. The only thing that gives me pause is that watching it at home is basically a commitment to being reduced to a sobbing, heartsick mess.

(I have had the same long-running conundrum with Big Fish, which I only watched once more than a decade ago.)

A hot toddy but made with lapsang souchong and islay whisky. (To be consumed while smoking latakia tobacco)

Having a little bit of caffeine at 7:00pm *seemed* like a great idea at the time

Pretty sure I saw Gloria Steinem at Whole Foods last night and then on the way home helped a couple of other people protect a young owl under a full moon (he was stunned in the middle of the road, bumped into a car or something, but then he shook it off and flew silently into the woods) so that was pretty cool

I know we all hate capitalism and soulless ticket companies/stadiums/media conglomerates etc. but I'm listening to Queen Live Killers right now and I saw Foo Fighters this summer and goddammit, some arena rock is pretty fucking great.

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