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I was raised on a steady diet of Looney Tunes, MAD Magazine and Doctor Demento

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Well I've heard there was a secret stash
of amontillado in a cask
but you don't really care for sherry, do you?

Started raining hard enough to soak me while trying to finish an outside thing, but apparently stopping in 15 minutes

Leaving an hour of daylight, during which it *might* rain again

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I didn’t feel a little too old for the when I started it a few years ago but I kinda do now. Fortunately I’m also sliding into “I’m old enough that IDGAF” territory, so it all evens out

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highly specific kidhood computer game memories 

Yesterday I drove through the town where my family did most of its errands when I was a kid. I’m rarely in that neck of the woods anymore, so it always puts me in a weird state of mind and I usually get little flashes of things I haven’t thought about in decades

This time I drove past a garden center (still there!) and remembered a trip there with my family when I was 10 or 11 and *all* I was thinking about was the level I was trying to beat in Jumpman, like, replaying it in my mind and thinking of things to try next as soon as I got home. I remember the feeling of simultaneous resentment at being pulled away from the game but also grudging internal acknowledgement that I probably *needed* to be pulled away from the game

I think that was also the summer I had to relearn how to use a joystick with my right hand because my left one was in a cast


Getting takeout from a Mexican place that has good word of mouth but not getting my hopes up, because as far as I can tell everyone in New England thinks every Mexican restaurant they try is the best Mexican food they’ve ever had

Doing a bunch of running around today and thought I’d be efficient by going to an unfamiliar home depot

It also happens to be both bigger *and* have narrower aisles than most, and it’s a late fall saturday, in other words it’s a claustrophobic clusterfuck

I do not recommend it

I drove through *two* consecutive town-wide yard sales without stopping once, basically I deserve a medal

kids these days keep talking about the ‘fediverse’ :muppets_statler:

how about you ‘verse’ yourself in having healthy human relationships! :muppets_waldorf:

wordle 😎 

Wordle 462 2/6


Blah going out after all because we’re almost out of milk and I have my heart set on a big fuck you bowl of cereal before bed

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wood fired pizza place guy is a cipher to me

Still no reliable hours, still no social media announcements (that I'm aware of) when he's open, you gotta go to the square shopping cart site and see if he's taking orders

...and then hope that he's actually taking orders and didn't just forget to turn them off the night before

...and the last few weeks he removed the option for large pizzas (maybe technical difficulties? 🤷‍♂️​)

When we saw he was open this afternoon I hurriedly placed an order, or so I thought; I had clicked the submit button but had not noticed the error message it gave me.

No big deal, he made my order while I waited and was like "yeah just settle up with me online when you get a chance"

So I went back to the site to submit the order a little after 7:00 and orders were already turned off???

What I'm saying is, the pizza is so good that I will put up with an unprecedented amount of flakiness for as long as it lasts

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making a 7:00pm grocery run in June hits a lot different than making a 7:00pm grocery run in late September when it's already dark 🌚​

weird dall•e 

“Old lady building her nest on a cliff face.”

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