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Montresor man
Bring me a cask
Sounds like a blast

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How I feel about 90% of the time on Mastodon, but thanks for letting me hang out

Belt replacement was an improvement, but the machine is still running super-slow. Debating trying to replace the pedal vs biting the bullet and paying someone to look at it.

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Did I miss something? Why is everybody on the TL so mad about gout

I've heard nothing but praise for Schitt's Creek but I have such a visceral cringe response to the hyuck-hyuck-get-it-sounds-like-shit-creek title that I keep avoiding it

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i would pay cold hard cash to watch a tim and eric episode remade, shot for shot, but it's healyn and laser

Kind of amazed nobody has started a instance yet tbh

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @remulacfrommars This fortnite stream brought to you by Werthers Unlimited, Werthers: it’s a loot box, for your mouth!

Oh shit I just found out there's a store near me that carries Postum, I might have to pick up a jar

well well well, it it isn’t the consequences of my own actions

Did I miss something? Why is everybody on the TL so mad about gout

Made the foolish mistake of looking into the AAA car buying program thing, and now my phone and inbox are being blown up by 1000 desperate Shelley Levene car sales drones

i love the part where jimmy stewart looks straight into the camera and says "it looks like i've got a bad case of vertigo!"

there is no limit on how many times you can say “i love you” to dogs

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this is one of those posts that aren’t good and it’ll get boosted 2 months from now and I’ll get embarrassed. but that’s posts

gaaaaah I just saw a photo of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers and I like Tom Hanks and I like Mr. Rogers, but something about it is fucking ghoulish

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