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Well I've heard there was a secret stash
of amontillado in a cask
but you don't really care for sherry, do you?

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How I feel about 90% of the time on Mastodon, but thanks for letting me hang out


EDITORIAL: COVER YOUR FACES, MASSHOLES! For a smart state, too many Mass residents are stupid when it comes to public health. The latest from DigBoston's #CoverYourFace #health #publichealth #mask #mapoli #Massachusetts #coronavirus #COVID19


regretting every single time i turned down going pub

I'm sorry to announce that MastoCon has been officially and perpetually cancelled due to the covid 19 pandemic.

i want another album as fuckin good as "...Like Clockwork" this decade

Lord of the Rings 

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Lord of the Rings (movies) 😭 

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old man yells at cloud 

im tired as shit so i decided its night crew right now

Functioning on about 4 nonconsecutive hours of sleep today, feeling pretty punchy

Lord of the Rings (movies) 

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Whoa, here she comes
Watch out, boys, she'll slurp you up
Whoa, here she comes
She's an anteater

the boys from Don Henley's The Boys of Summer are the same boys as the boys who are the boys back in town

alright alright I'll stop with the Sugar posting because it's the end of the album but if you've ever wondered what the deal is with my username please listen to my favorite song in the world, it's simultaneously melancholy and hopeful and it's epic as hell

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@ItsTheManOnTheMoon it absolutely makes sense for a scripting language for websites to have a more complicated build process than the linux kernel.

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