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*slaps roof of catacomb* this bad boy can fit so many casks of amontillado in it

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I was raised on a steady diet of Looney Tunes, MAD Magazine and Doctor Demento

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Well I've heard there was a secret stash
of amontillado in a cask
but you don't really care for sherry, do you?

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon ladies and gentlemen, this is I'm Waiting for the Manbo Number Five

serious thoughts about mastodon's "discourse culture", meta 

more people really seriously need to learn to just shut the fuck up on this site, especially when it comes to current events

so many people are seemingly obsessed with having their own say in what's going on when, in reality, the issue truly doesn't affect them or relate to them in any meaningful way

this is one of the main reasons, imo, that we have so many rashes of people speaking for groups they have no business speaking for

if a genie could grant me a wish i would ask to know what its like not to be extremely insecure all the time

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lewd, bdsm, funny 

🤣 i'm dying from imagining it

washington state psa about bird feeders (--) 

Heads-up: there are reports of a salmonellosis epidemic in King, Kitsap, Skagit, Snohomish, and Thurston counties and the recommendation is to take down bird feeders, as these can heavily increase the spread of the disease:

(h/t @SpookSpectre in re: this.)

You've been blessed by a tiny skull bishop! Pass it on

Inspired by:
Hours of Saint-Omer, France ca. 1320

BL, Add 36684, fol. 84v


#art #mastoart #creativetoot #medieval #skull #digital

*emerges from Lou Bega's tomb carrying the legendary sixth Mambo*

Ohhhhh, they used this for the official Turkey Day Marathon countdown on YouTube a few years ago and it blew my goddamned mind, but then I had to go do Thanksgiving and I never remembered to look it up.

This is an extremely nice way to start my day

#mst3k #nowplaying #tootradio #np #fediplay #itstinks

c major is for chumps. have you tried a minor

The owls are not what they seem

Starting a petition to get Tom Waits to sing ‘I Love Trash’ as a duet with Oscar the Grouch

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