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*slaps roof of catacomb* this bad boy can fit so many casks of amontillado in it

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I was raised on a steady diet of Looney Tunes, MAD Magazine and Doctor Demento

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Well I've heard there was a secret stash
of amontillado in a cask
but you don't really care for sherry, do you?

🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃


OCT 21 @ 10 pm Eastern (2am UTC)

Next week's movie will be The Wicker Man (1973)

watch along and live toot with us. its fun

it's on which is free and ad free

Every now and again I remember the book signing my now-wife and I attended in 1996.

Jack Palance read a few selections from his new book of love poems, did his one-armed push-up bit, and was generally gracious and kindly.

I told him he scared the bejesus out of my older brother as Dracula and he said, in exactly the Jack Palance cadence you're imagining, "Oh, now, we wouldn't want to do *that*!"

He signed our book 'Love, Jack Palance"


Me: “I wish microbreweries would make something other than IPAs”

:monkey’s paw curls:

NEW! Hoppy Lager

so are you a "i drink your milkshake" kinda guy or a "why'd ye spill yer beans" kinda guy

i want David Mamet to write the next Marvel screenplay

CAPTAIN MARVEL: i have the glove stones

ALEC BALDWIN: you got the fucking glove stones? well hit the bricks jack, because the stones aren't shit with you handling them, because you *are* shit, Captain Marvel

White or wheat, delicious French crepes
Time for a snack
Bela Lugosi's bread
The rolls have left the oven
The customers have been fed
Red velvet cake in a box
Bela Lugosi's bread
Bela Lugosi's bread
Yum bread yum bread yum bread
Yum bread yum bread yum bread
The vanilla brioche will be ready soon
Served with chocolate donuts
They'll be done baking by noon
Alone in a bright display
The loaf
Bela Lugosi's bread
Bela Lugosi's bread
Bela Lugosi's bread

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But... Myspace is dead... in fact, it died one hundred years ago this very night 👻

if i'm being honest here, i never found Count Chocula all that scary. i think he's a fucking joke

@​larrydavis@​ @​wintgenstein@​ I don't really know how to pronounce exotic words like Burrito and Enchiladas

mild personal injury 

Consecutive weekends without hurting the tip of my right thumb like a dipshit: 0

for $75 i will watch the TV show of your choice, and for a further $40 i will form an opinion about it

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