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Shampoo for my real friends and real poo for my sham friends

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How I feel about 90% of the time on Mastodon, but thanks for letting me hang out

Ebay impulse bid update: Somebody else bought the thing at full price, so yay that.

Star Trek DS9 S2E15 "Paradise" first watch Show more

Made an impulse ebay offer that I sort of regret. Seller has neither accepted nor rejected it. This is not the fun kind of ebay anticipation.

when I was on twitter it was like being forced to drink sewage out of an open fire hydrant, and now that I am on mastodon I am free to take petite, ladylike sips of sewage at my own leisure

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Me, in 2000, "Wow, glad that whole Y2K thing went smoothly. Good thing we've got 38 years to phase out UNIX timestamps before they blow up"

Me, in 2019, "Halfway to 2038 and still using UNIX timestamps we're so fucked LOLLL"

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Email for my fake friends and Real Mail for my e-Friends

Shamrocks for my real friends and real rocks for my sham friends

ShamWow for my sham friends, and real Wow for my real friends.

Shampoo for my real friends and real poo for my sham friends

Yeah, you could say I'm into fitness. Fittin this heretical idol into the correct niche to unlock the secret door of this ancient temple

@anthonydavis imagine how fuckin wild Teddy Roosevelt would have been about PUBG

this is 85% of mastodon content that reaches my dash

If there's one thing @itmitm_ebooks is teaching me, it's that I should use fewer goddamn words to get to the point

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Welp, because of reasons (and the fact that I have no discipline) I've half talked myself into making a serious attempt at the next month (

Well, when I say serious, I mean sort of lazy loopy instrumental stuff that's somewhat out of my comfort zone.

I usually get pieces for a single track together and then it falls apart, but this could be the year I see it through. I survived last year, after all.

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